Rust. Me want's it!

Been wanting this game for a hell of a long time, not sure if there’s any system requirements at the moment, if so i apologize for not looking thoroughly.(if there are system requirements can someone please post/link the thread thank you so much).

But i’m not sure if its Me personally or the Dutch Auction thingy-me-bob. BUT everytime i wait for the game to drop to £20-£30. All the key’s are sold out been happening for days now, and I’m getting really impatient and wanting the game more and more, so tomorrow i’m buying it whatever price it is tomorrow when i wake up.

I’m just thinking it as a game for a console like CoD. £45-50. More or less the same price, i’m fine with that.

Hope you guy’s that are playing, are having fun, finding it pleasant and not too annoying. (reguarding FPS issues, hackers, bugs/glitches etc).

Can’t wait to play.

See you in the game soon!
IMO This game ALREADY In Pre-Alpha, beat’s WAR Z (infestation), Day Z, Survival FPS, The Nether (from what I’ve seen) And i know for a fact Garry is an amazing developer, the amount of hype based around Garry’s mod back in the day, and even now! more and more people keep getting drawn back to it, and i know for a fact the same will go for this game also, i have 110% faith in his ability to create a really amazing game. Hence the reason I’m buying the game regardless of the price, if you think the same, you should do the same, don’t think of it as “Omg why buy a game thats in pre-alpha not worth the money!” think of it as helping the developer out, so he can put the game in Alpha/Beta phase faster, with More content and less bug’s/glitches.

Only problem - Wish he wouldn’t terminate (if thats the correct word to use in this situation) your account/key for inactivity for 30days or more. Keep the accounts live, i know it’s for testing purposes, but still, people payed for the game, they should keep it forever at all times. (not sure if this has been changed or not, but just my view’s on the situation, if it’s been reverted and changed i apologize. thank you.)

They won’t be removing accounts anymore.

and that’s BS that you’d buy regardless of the price… unless it’s not your money and you don’t care about the person giving you money. what if it was $1000?..

anyway, I paid ~31.60 and after trying the game out a lot and seeing where it’s at, I’d say it’s a good price there. Too bad on my statement its 36 something since the canadian conversion is a rip.

if you’re independent or you have bills to pay I wouldn’t pay over $50. you might inadvertently expect too much for that.

will agree that it looks really promising.

The account deletion due to inactivity was a one time thing. Your account won’t be deleted unless you cheat and shit.

Okay good to know about the account thing, and no i’ve got plenty of money put away for “whenever” so i’m getting ready to buy it now :slight_smile: thanks for the feedback.

Lool CoD value 50€ ?

You pay 50 € to play a game , who use the same engine for all versions , have smal maps , poor grafics , no desctruction in-game , no cars m heli etc… ?

I´m a realy good gamer , for me Rust value 28€ without any problem , CoD value 19€ on max , BF3 value 35€ , BadCompany2 Value the realy 50€ (who never play it should test ) , and like dayz , i think it value 14€

The value of 1 game , is not made by the name like CoD , CoD is for beginners on the gamer live
In 1 game you always need to think:
-How mutch freedoom you have on map
-How realistic can be the game
-Fun in-game
-Grafhics and Optimization
-Scenarios/ Ambient
-Story Of Game
-Freedom in-game ( not on map )

£ is different to € LOL. and im on about when the new call of duty game releases they’re ALWAYS £45-50 depending if you pre-order’d or not, thats how it works here in UK M8 ;>

rest of what you said i dont have a clue, looks like you’re talking shiet for days m8. dont even knoe

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and whats with people and wanting vehicles. talk about wanting the easy simple solution, adding vehicles will infact be game breaking, if theres TOO many it’ll be too much like “World of Tanks” if there’s too Few, then the vehicle spawns will be camped by too many people and you’ll never manage to get a vehicle, if you do you’ll be followed/stalked, untill you leave the vehicle and it’ll be stolen from you while you’re looking, try thinking of the logic, before you complain and /want/beg things for a game.

Yes so it is for that the game not value the 50€ you need see what the game have , not the things it will hapen if the game have , and so for your logic C.S GO should value 50€ to …

oh and in portugal CoD custom value 50€ when it out , for that i say the 50€

post your pc specs here, use speccy

is there a client download anywhere? i’ve been scanning through the forums for a while


Here’s a good question: What?

I’m not sure if I’m over dosing on my meds, but I have no fucking idea what virt15 is talking about.

you’re not the only one dude