Rust Megaserver

With elder scrolls online creating a mega server for there game instead of having a bunch of different official servers I think it would be awesome if they created a megaserver(linking multiple servers together) for rust that could hold 1000s of people, then the devs could also make multiple different cities since there is just so much of the game space being unused. Take a look at how much space is being used below, they said they would be updating the water to be usefull so im guessing there will be boats or something to travel far distances by water. I would actually prefer if everyone was on 1 server instead of multiple dedicated servers. This is just an idea, what do you guys think? Do you think they would ever implement something like this?

Super strongly disagree.

I don’t want to HAVE to play with all of the cheaters.
Besides, I think it’s much much too early to even think about doing something so extreme.

But if you think about it if they have admins on or some report system there will be even less cheaters in the game instead of a cheater getting banned from 1 server and going right on to the next one to cheat again.

A reporting system for cheaters will not work, especially in a game like this where people constantly piss each other off with raids and such.

Screenshots and video are not viable for evidence against a cheater because anyone can change their Steam name.

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You can rate me dumb all you want, you asked what others thought and I told you what I think.

They can change there steam name but there steamID will not change ever… if they made something like CSGO to ban cheaters and playback demos of people to vote on it could work.

I don’t think that’s particularly feasible or useful for Rust’s game model. It isn’t like EVE Online where there’s a massive intrinsic value to running an unsharded global game that all players play on.

When Rust is able to expand to the full map (the current one or whatever one’s being used then), it’ll be that much more huge for everyone to get lost in. You could very plausibly stash 500 people on that map without a lot of conflict (or 2000 people with tons of it), if the server could handle it. Assuming the actual server software gets cleaned up to the point that it can gracefully handle 500+ connected players without requiring a terabyte of RAM and a few hundred CPU cores, I imagine you’ll see servers with these really high player-limits appearing.

But I really don’t see how 10,000 people on the same server would actually be playable as a game. I’m not talking in terms of technical details, but that’s way too many people to stick into the same server in a building-and-survival FPS. You’d have to get rid of global chat entirely and focus chat to only within a certain fairly limited radius of yourself.

Rust just does not lend itself to expanding to a planet-size persistent map, in my opinion.

We have admins on servers…and report systems… Cheaters still linger. This still puts them all in one place.

You’re right, their steamid will not change.

But in a screenshot it doesn’t show their Steamid, does it?

That would mean one country would get good ping and everyone else would have shit connection

No shit Sherlock, im saying if they made a report system. It would send their steamid in the report obviously.

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Very untrue, it would be multiple servers connected to eachother like eso so you would auto connect to the server closest to you.

If the main reason for trying to cram everyone into one map is anti-cheating, that’s like trying to deal with the homeless problem by genociding the entire population – it solves the problem but the side effects of the “solution” create a disaster that is many times worse than the initial problem.

garry is adding EasyAntiCheat soon. They’re working on the hacking problem already.

No shit, Sherlock.

And who do you think is doing the reporting? Some butthurt person who just got raided, or headshotted.

Why do you think VAC doesn’t use player reports? Because people are snide and turdish when they lose.

Kind of like how you’re being now because people are disagreeing with you. If you could report us for cheating now is probably when you’d do it.

How would that work, what if a 'merican and aussie were building in the same area.

Read my previous post It would send demo of player(last 5 mins or so) for users to review and vote on sort of like cs:go anticheat system. If they arent hacking then people would obviously vote no not to ban.

You have an extremely optimistic view of how people would act in that situation.

“Oh that is the fucker that shot me in the head while I was naked! He’s obvs cheating.”

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Aside from the cheaters, do you know how much it would cost to run, maintain, and manage this kind of thing?

Everyone would have to vote on it not just 5 people, they can send as many reports as they want if ur not cheating people will view the demo and be able to tell. Its pretty easy to see when someone is cheating. I think you are to brain dead to understand what im saying though.

The current servers are lagging with 50-70 players already, what will happen with 5000 on them? The code is just not made for THAT many players yet.


What about if they’re using ESP? Or a light hack? Many of these cheats only show up on the cheater’s screen and no one else’s.

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Also, whenever anyone gets a report of a cheater everyone (aka: about 24,000 people as of right now) has to stop playing and watch a 5 minute video of someone else playing?


He doenst understand how realms work. Yes, these are many different server connected, it would work in Rust as well. Would not be very usefull, actually it would be very bad and the server code isnt made for this.

Also the ESO megaserver is a misnomer.

You aren’t really on one giant server with everyone, you’re all split out into different instances all the time.

You can change instances, of course, but it’s not like everyone is all together in the same place all the time.