[RUST MEGATHREAD] Important Pages - Viral Threads - Clans - Exploits - And much more


I thought the info was too scattered through a cluster of threads not really accessible for the casual forum browser, so i thought, why not put most of it in one huge thread instead!
If you have any missing information you want me to add please do tell, or any missing Title you want me to add. Also if you have remarks on my writing i’d be more then glad to get your help to refine my writing skills and detect errors in my post.


The official Rust webpage.

Trello.com Rust-Main
Garrys project page for Rust revealing updates and projects being worked on with Rust

The, in my experience most used website for mapping in Rust.

Rust Base Builder
A neat web-page for building an artificial base before you do it in-game.

Facebook - Play Rust
Play Rust-facebook
The official Rust page on Facebook

Reddit - Play Rust
Play Rust-reddit
The official Rust page on Reddit

Twitter - Play Rust
Play Rust-twitter
Garry’s Rust Twitter

Various Rust-Wiki pages for basic Rust information

Various Rust Calculator websites for calculating resource costs
rust calculator


Threads that made it big-time, or in a sense are important

The hacker/glitcher/exploiter/chat spammer discussion thread. Hate hacks?? Think you saw a hacker??? tell us all about it HERE
the hacker thread
name and shame hackers!

Items we Vote to be accepted in game.
vote for items
a great thread for voting on items that you want to be implemented.

"Will it Run?" For asking if you can run rust, sharing your computer specs, and asking for computer upgrade ideas. USE THIS THREAD ONLY.
Will it run?

Poll: What should replace zombies?
The poll garry himself made asking the community “what should replace zombies?”

Rusty - Server RCON tool
A handy program for admins.


To keep the list short, please only apply for a spot here if you have a clan with 10 or more players.

Recruitment form:

Please keep the text to a minimum.

Hour of Turmoil
Joining requirements: See link below
Ways to contact for recruitment: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1377364

The Gank Squad
Joining requirements: 18+, have a mic, not a douche
Ways to contact you for recruitment: master_pain_666 on Steam or www.theganksquad.net


Please note that i only post these exploits so that garry can know about it and fix them asap.

Barricade Stair
Place a barricade on top of a pillar in an angled fashion so you can walk on it, then place a new pillar on top of the old one. rinse and repeat.
Example: Barricade Stair

Propblock Disconnecting
Propblock Disconnecting is a way to place items inside / on top of players to make them disconnect, there are several ways to do this.
Propblock with a barricade; place a barricade inside a person to make him disconnect and when he tries to log back in he will be disconnected.
Propblock with a Large wooden stash; place a large wooden stash on top of a sleeping player covering the whole body. When he later tries to join the server, he will be disconnected.

Alt+Tab door glitch
Alt+Tab from the game, when tabbing back in any door that has been opened while you remained alt+tabbed will remain open for you. this has different success on different servers, on some you are able to walk and shoot through the doors, and on some once you try to walk through the door or shoot it disconnects you, you can however still see through the door without any problem on every server. ( the cause for why this exploit reacts differently on different servers have yet not been discovered ) Caution, don’t stay out too long or the chat flood that updates once you come back may crash your game.

Researching Research Kits
If you hold down shift and drag a Research kit onto another one you are able to craft new Research kits in your crafting menu, crafting these kits cost 20 leather and 20 low quality metal, when crafting it you get a random amount of research kits, 1 to 3 in a stack.

Dumb AI exploit
If you stand behind a woodpile bears will stop and give up chasing you.
If you stand on top of a woodpile not too close to the edge, bears will stop and you can safetly attack them untill they run away.

Server Restart Dupe
If you move an item from a box to your character right before a restart, once the server starts again you will have the item in your inventory and in the box, therefore successfully duping an item and or several items. this is caused by the server and your player inventory saving at different times before the server shuts down.

Reconnect to heal yourself
Once you break your legs you can reconnect to come back in game with fixed bones.
Reconnecting can also have the effect to stop bleeding and even prevent death if done at the dieing moment. ( varied results )

Rock Bases
The ability to build bases inside of rocks. you’re able to do this on certain rocks where you can manage to get a sleeping bag inside a rock and respawn inside it.
One of many videos showing the Rock base tricks; Rock Base Video
Locations of places where this can be done would be a nice addition from the forum, coordinates would be greatly appreciated.

Ramp Stacking + Ramp Base
If you place down a ramp, you are able to place more ramps inside of it, creating a shell of ramps that can withstand insane amounts of firepower or c4 blasts if you for example place 10-100 ramps inside one, it will take a loooong time before anyone are able to break through.
Ramp base
If you place down a ramp on top of someone or yourself you are able to shoot out of it without people being able to shoot inside, you can also walk out of the ramp or jump out. ( can be used very effective in firefights ) if you place down a sleeping bag and some boxes and a workbench or whatever you want inside your ramp on the foundation, and then place a ramp on top, you can suicide and spawn inside the ramp, your very own inpenetrable base, except that people can destroy it rather quickly if you don’t ramp stack. ( you can take things from your bag from on top of the ramp or the sides of it once inside. Also, you cannot place anything inside the ramp once it’s placed down, so be sure to place the boxes and sleeping bag first )

Foundation Base
Place down a sleeping bag on the ground, add a couple of boxes and whatever you want in your 1x1 inpenetrable base. then build a foundation over it, make sure the foundation is tall enough so you can stand inside and access all your things. you can also use this as a indestroyable sleeping bag mechanism, place down a sleeping bag and place your foundation on top of it close to the ground and you will always spawn inside your base on top of the foundation without any raiders being able to destroy your sleeping bag or take over your house since you always have a spawn inside.

Super Jump
Large Wood Storage jump
strafe left and right while alternating A and D. (hard to get to work)
Example video: Large Wood Storage Jump
Wooden Gate Jump
Run into the corner of the gate jump and open the gate
Example video: Wooden Gate Jump

Side Spikes
If you look at the middle of 2 pillars, after some moving around trying to find the right spot, you are able to place wooden spike walls on the side of pillars, this creates bridges that can go through anyones pillar defences, rendering them useless.
Example video: 2:00 Side Spikes

Holding the door open
If someone opens his door, you can hold down E on it to make him unable to close it again, this can be used to hold up doors while raiding. (not sure if intended or exploit)


Featured artwork of the week, can be a picture a video or any other creative work of art.
Airdrop - Rust [video]


18th March Update


More titles and things to be added.

Is it really a great idea to list all these exploits so the 12 yr old zerg can immediately try them all out ??

"Please note that i only post these exploits so that garry can know about it and fix them asap."

garry wants us to let him know about it. it’s only alpha anyway, the sooner they get fixed the better, and the more we bring them out in the light, the sooner there will be a fix.

Garry’s stance on reporting exploits

Or they’d just go to the exploit section and read it anyways…?

Many of these bugs have been ticking me off for a while now and i’m glad they’re out in the open.

Hope there will be a fix on many of these soon.

I might have a few bugs/exploits to add as well that I’ve covered in some of my tutorials.

Using interior spikes to prevent foundations - http://imgur.com/a/bAN43

Using spikes to scale suicides bases - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3vtoqAChmg

Most of the other guides I have on my website though are legit tricks though - www.rusthelper.com if you wish to add it

just a little fyi: garry doesn’t like megathreads

Clan name: Hour of Turmoil
Joining requirements: See link below
Ways to contact for recruitment: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1377364


Clan name: The Gank Squad
Joining requirements: 18+, have a mic, not a douche
Ways to contact you for recruitment: master_pain_666 on Steam or www.theganksquad.net



heh, saw that :slight_smile: thanks for the addition though, it’s good that people question things.

you MAY want to add this TOOL to your initial post.


It’s the House Builder this guy made. It’s becoming quite popular. take a look on the thread (first post) to get the actual link. I’d add this to your guide or even popular posts…

**It’s already up there :slight_smile:

but thank you for your addition!!! any help i can get i am very grateful for.**

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**Thanks for the info, did not know that :slight_smile: hopefully i get to keep this one though.

I know what hassle it is finding unorganized stuff. I meet so many people that don’t even know a fourth of these pages exist.**

Rust megathread

that’s real stupid consider we are in the rust section

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because it’s going to become extremely scattered in a megathread, way more

We’re in the Rust section, but yet i have trouble finding lots of things that one as a player would like to know. that’s why i made this thread, to simplify searching. Most people don’t know how to find things if they aren’t shoved right into their face with a giant sign flashing with bright lights.
I’m all for helping these individuals.


In what way would it get more scattered in a megathread? i’m providing a structured post where people can easily get a grip of what is what.
please elaborate if you can ^^

maybe you’re mad at the** use of the word megathread?** maybe i rushed and didn’t carefully think of what the word really means.
if that’s the case i’m sorry and i’ll try to change the thread name to a more accurate depiction of what it really is.

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The post/thread is fine, even helpful at times. I’d break the clan stuff out into something else and keep this focused on Rust information/tools, but that’s just me.

your bitching about my bitching, and how pointless my post is, by making an even more pointless post… I… what? that doesn’t even make any sense.

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