Rust Memory LEAK - Devs please give me some help (FP Support can't help..)

Hi all!

I need some help…
I’m having a huge memory leak since the devlog 64. This happened in the past, some months ago (3/4 months ago) and it was fixed with a game update and a RAM upgrade, but now it’s back and worst than ever. Every time I run RUST even on the lowest settings (everything on the lowest setting possible) I get 85%+ of memory usage. If I look at my RAM usage, I have, right now, 20% in use, and when i open rust and try to join a server it reaches 85%+ of RAM usage.

My RAM’s are fine (tested it with memtest), and I don’t have any problem running other games. There is more people reporting this on the bug tracker (very few people).

My specs:

Intel® Core™ i5-3450 3.50 GHz
Sapphire HD 7850 1GB GDDR5

FacePunch support doesn’t know how to help me and suggested to post this here hoping that someone will be able to give me a solution (or some dev…).

The system doesn’t have too much programs installed (is was fresh installed 1 month ago when I installed a new SSD).

Maybe some dev or community member can help me?

Thank you!


My RAM usage for Rust used to hover in the 4 GB range before yesterday’s update. Last night I was seeing it gradually rising to over 8GB.

There’s something really wrong here.

Thank you for your answer to this topic.

Yeah, something is wrong with Rust.

Without the game running:

Seconds after…

BTW, I have a good framerate…

Yeah it’s about 4 gb, that’s usual.

6.2 - 2.2 = 4

If you hate hovering the line, just get another 8gb stick and slap it in.

Hell I had 6gb before so I just put in 3x 8gb sticks. All under $100.

So, 4GB for everything on minimum, all settings? Do you think that is normal?..

8GB should be more than enough for this graphic settings! And this is a memory leak because I was playing Rust without problems before the devlog 64 :wink:

Ram isn’t usually affected by graphics, just objects, sounds, textures and random game elements.

Most Graphic’s cards have built in memory these days.

But, as I said before, I was playing before the devlog 64 without problems.

That’s odd, I commonly hit 4 gb way before, usually after playing for a few hours of course.

There are many more game objects now than there were then, lots more can be found on the ground these days.

Have you tried a fresh wipe server vs a long standing server?

Yeah, the result is always the same… Windows giving me alerts for out of memory after some minutes (2/3 minutes).

So, you are saying that people with 8GB of RAM can’t play Rust. This doesn’t make sense, something is wrong…

Anyway, thank you for your replies :slight_smile: