Rust Mentality (Guide)

So I see a lot of players getting frustrated and fed up by some of the things they encounter from other players in the game… to the point some have moaned and complained so much that they rage quit the game and claim they uninstalled it.

This has been going on for a while and the Steam Discussions have been flooded with a lot of whiners. Far less whiners than I see in Facepunch’s forums (probably because they’re less tolerant and ban useless threads like that)

To me, there seems to be a flawed logic and mentality with many players that’s carried over into Rust from other games that just doesn’t mesh.

So I decided to make a guide:

Once you know your place in the game and once you know the actual way players think in this game, you stand a better chance at getting a bit farther in Rust and perhaps even not getting as frustrated.

great post. All new players should read.

I call it the WOW mentality. I noticed that almost all game communities becoming like this after they released WOW. They compare everything to WOW and its “get everything for no effort, spoon fed lead on a leash through content type gameplay” and all the “but WOW does it this way so should your game” type attitude that makes me sick.
WOW created the age of whiny self entitled kidiots that want everything yesterday and cannot do anything or think for themselves. They need to be shown how to do everything in a new game or the game is just stupid and they lost the ability to think for themselves and attempt to discover the game and its design as the devs made it. They power level through all a new games content and buy game currencies (which encourages botters and that whole mess of issues). Disrespect their fellow gamers that don’t see things their way… etc… etc…

I’m pretty sure Vanilla WoW didn’t hand you things as much as MoP does, but I still see your point. Though it’s more been a trend of the gaming industry to become mind-numbingly easy. I was astounded by Dark Souls (didn’t have a Playstation for Demon’s Souls) and how challenging it was my first playthrough. I hadn’t played a game like that in awhile. I remember the first Call of Duty having such an amazing story and campaign compared to the linear Medal of Honor series, and then look where CoD ended up. Microtransactions and hand-holding just don’t seem to be helping games, and I’m not sure who keeps giving these the thumbs up besides greedy investors/shareholders.

Well written dude, thumbs up

Nice guide, it sounds like a playstyle that would suit many.

I agree; even back as far as Burning Crusade you had a lot of autonomy. Contemporary WoW has NPCs LITERALLY drive you to every new area for questing. Far too hand-holdey. Combined with quick-time-events (which I feel are in the same bag: why give the players 100 different options and 100 different ways to screw up (or have fun) when you could give them 1 decision to make?) are really damaging decent gameplay and setting a nasty precedent

Thanks this helps A LOT!

Except if you help someone whos being chased by raiders he will:

A. Run the fuck away while theyre busy trying, and often succeeding, in killing you.
B. Wait untill youre done, steal your loot and kill you for your items.

Sorry, welcome to rust.

I noted you killed the bully guy who was targeting a weaker player… You just saved that player, left him the bully’s gear and resources and the fact that you took the guy down and are already armed and ready with weapon in hand… For someone to try and attack after they just saved your butt seems pretty damn stupid.

Possible, but quite stupid.

Praxius, I regularly have a policy of only shooting bandits or people attempting to bandit, and at least half the time I get shot by the person I helped. More, really, if you include the people who are lying. If you didn’t see the fight start you have no idea who really is the aggressor. I regularly have people rush me with hatchets while I’m wearing kevlar and carrying an M4, but from the outside it would appear like I was killing nakeds.

True, but the whole guide is intended to work together. What I mean is with your recon tactics at the start with regular encounters from the harasser, you “should” get a good idea of who he hangs around with, who he regularly targets, who’s new, etc.

and perhaps I should add a note in my guide regarding assessing situations before taking action… Though that should be common sense… Using your instincts so to speak.

Either way, this guide is only meant to “Reduce” some of the bad situations. You can not solve all situations with just one tactic.

Great guide man, I’mma recommend it to the nubbies I find.

I encourage everyone who’s recognized the thing egamer was talking about to check out Jimqusition.

Well no. I attempted to assist multiple people to defend themselves. When “bullies” as you so quaint put it, hear my pistol going off, I become the perfect diversion.

The few times this has succeeded in getting me gear, I have always had to kill my helpee so to speak because hes looting crap from said bullies.

The absolute multitude of times this hasnt worked, it has ended somewhat like this:

I kill 1 of the bullies, helpee runs the fuck away while Im acting diversion for him. About 40% of the time.
I kill the bullies, helpee flips shit and runs away. I die miserably. About 30% of the time.
I start killing bullies, get 1 or 2 down, helpee turns around and starts killing everyone he can see. About 10% of the time.
I kill all the bullies, helpie says “thank you” and runs the fuck away. About 20% of the time.

Well after losing a good 80% of my p250s Ive invested in being awesome and helpful is fun and all. But Id rather keep 100% of them by watching with popcorn, and maybe even getting a better chance to kill bullies when theyre looting.

Being a good guy is VERY RARELY a smart thing in rust.

Completely agree, it is not a good idea to be the good guy in most situations… you need to pick and choose your battles.

My guide is only towards the example of going one on one (maybe one on two if you’re really good)

I would never go against several guys by myself.

And when I’m going on the offense, I always ensure my P250 (or any weapon) has a silencer on it… that way I can get more rounds off before they know where I am, and it doesn’t attract as much attention.

As I mentioned in my guide, you can either take the guys stuff or leave it there for the other player… or whatever… but the main thing is you hit and run and once you’ve made your impact, you need to get the hell out of there.

I never said anything about waiting for a thanks from the other guy or to wait around for him to grab the stuff or to have some sort of conversation… You’re Batman.

My guide was focusing mostly on you getting some payback on the guy who kept harassing you.

If they wanted to be cheap and keep killing you when you were always at a disadvantage, then you can be equally cheap and blow them away from behind when they don’t stand a chance… and at a disadvantage.

Survival of the Fittest… but Fittest doesn’t always equate to strength. You can be the Gorilla showing your prowess across the land killing all the little monkeys in your territory… or you can be the spider who attacks without being seen and kills the gorilla.