Rust menu crash

Hi I have a friend who experiencing some difficulty in joining any game, as soon as he gets to the start menu area he hast this message

The game crashed.
The crash report folder named “2016-02-22_212922”

This is just one code of many that he has that pops up

We have tried the usual verify files/ reinstall etc

Can you please please help get him on

Thank you and awesome game :ok_hand:t2:

For anyone who checks this post for simlar problems I thought I would inform you on what was causing the issue! Believe it or not after trying everything that posts on the intereebs suggest and that we didn’t get any help from any staff at facepunch which I thought we would at least get some technical solution! The problem with the game crashing was caused by a headset in this instant it was a skull candy branded headset.

So if your having problem with the game crashing then at least give this a go :blush: