Rust mini freezing

HELP. Tl;DR: Rust keeps freezing up at random times for 3-10 seconds.
Rust will freeze at completely random times, usually its at a quite consistent freeze of a good 5 seconds and the trigger is completely random. I’ve tried linking it to something, but the closest i can get is it seems to be concentrated around opening and managing inventory, but it also occurs at just about every other instance in the game including standing or walking. Although peculiarly enough it never occurs during combat.
my fps is around 40-80 depending on the area i’m standing in and decreasing my settings does not do anything freezing wise. I’m not sure if its internet related as when i upgraded my wifi chip i got this freezing significantly reduced, but not removed and has not been reduced at all when I moved closer to the router or upgraded it. I’m not sure its my internet either as its odd that its so concentrated around bringing up inventory (only when initially loading) and moving around. I’m suspicious of my processor being part of the issue as it’s an i3 2120 3.5 ghz.
Nobody else appears to be having this issue and i’m starting to go insane. Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Get an SSD and install Rust on it. That fixed it for me. It would go on a ball for up to 30+ seconds sometimes and now that I moved it to SSD the problem is completely gone.

Thanks for a tip I was just thinking about buying small SSD. But if SSD helped You that means developers still have a lot to do. Such data should be read from RAM not hard drive. This is very important optimization. But rust already takes 5GB of RAM. So will take more. It must be read from RAM there is no other way.
So Developers stop making new fancy clothes. Work on this freezing. Most of my deaths are caused by freezing. 3-10 second freeze means death.

yeah you need a £2000 pc to run this game hehehhe

I have Rust installed on my SSD (512 GB SAMSUNG 840 Pro) and I get that stutter as well. It also happens mostly upon opening inventory, although I’ve had it randomly hit at various times.

I think it’s a server thing. I’ve played on servers where it doesn’t happen at all, and others where there’s a delay when opening items for the first time…ones that type of object has been opened, it doesn’t happen again until I log back in. There are still lsg spikes and rubberbanding too.

It’s both actually. There are problem with the client where for some reason it’s very hard on hard drive use for lots of actions that shouldn’t be (opening inventory, any container for the first time, shooting the first time, etc). It’s like there are textures or whatever that are on disk and when it loads them it just takes forever. By moving to an SSD I completely fixed that part.

That said, since 2 weeks server performance deteriorates over time and eventually you start getting delays when chatting, opening containers, shooting bullets, opening doors, etc. Pretty much every action is delayed like almost a second. When this happens, all players are affected and you’ll start seeing a lot of time warnings pop in RCON. I’ve heard this reported from vanilla servers, so it’s not plugin related, although it might be possible that plugins precipitate this situation. Fix for this one is a server restart and wham, everything runs smooth again. I need to reboot my server daily because of this and if I don’t it will eventually crash and restart itself.