Rust mistake ban

My Rust account was banned for no apparent reason i have never hacked before and dont intend to do so if its possible i would like to speak to an admin of some sort about this because i payed over 40$ for this game and now im banned for no reason

Are you certain you’ve actually been banned? I’ve seen the “you have been banned” message twice now (the first time immediately after I bought the game) but refreshing the page generally gets me back on the main site so I can play again.

It’s a bit odd that the site throws out those random ban messages but as long as it doesn’t actually ban me I can live with that.

I got the same message, but I think it is the server having issues…I to have never hacked/cheated. Just give it a few minutes (or hours) to clear up and I bet you are fine. This is to be expected in an alpha!

Edit: fixed for me already. Patience is key guys

its when the server is down , you can get the banned msg.

thanks a lot guys turns out it was that glitch it really scared me they should fix that ASAP

Alright so i had that probalem but now after i download rust it then just sits on the face- punch logo in the middle of a gray screen… any suggestions?

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Mind you i have been waiting for 10 minutes now…

Try another server? It could be that server is down for now so keep trying other servers to see if you can log into another one.

i actually have a problem where i can only play on the server i first started, all others and i get stuck at the grey skull

Hey Cyborgt, it didnt help what so ever… and also my friend has a problem with his mouse being inverted and when he goes to fix it in the options it doesnt do anything… and help on either of the 2 situations?

Huh, dunno what to tell you about the connection issue. Maybe you could try a different browser and see if that helps? I haven’t tried recently so for all I know the servers have all been brought down again.

As for your friend’s mouse issue, i’m not that sure what the deal with that is either. I ran into that problem a few times before the patch and I found using the smaller window made the menus a bit more responsive but I can’t guarantee that’ll help him. It’s pretty annoying that the game seems to love magically turning on the inverted option just for entering the options menu though.

You might have better luck getting help for your problems if you make your own thread rather than using someone else’s for a completely unrelated issue though.

Yeah i have created my own thread but dont know how to check it.