Rust Mobile app??

He guys/girls(??),

I bought Rust a few days ago, and the game is really awesome. Cant wait for new crafting things to play with.
But how cool will it be if there is a Rust mobile application.
It can show you how many people there are on the server you play, see if there is an attack on your house(s) etc.
Maybe manage your house a bit. So if you are on holiday or away from your computer, you will still be part of the game and dont need to worry about decays so fast.
Besides if those ideas i read here are true about power and generators, how about security cams, turn on/off your power generators from a distance, turn on/off electric wires, traps and so on.
Maybe this sounds really dumb and stupid because some of you guys know this game way better then me.
There are a lot of cool ideas here on this forum! And Garry; Keep up the Awesome games!

It is just a idea were i was thinking of. :slight_smile:

Yeah very good idea, Garry has said he would like to have a system whereby you get notified if your base gets raided/attacked:

tl;dr Garry said “This is something we do want to explore. It might come with electricity (security systems that send a push message to your phone with an image from an in game cemera etc).”

Check out the AMA for a good read :slight_smile:

Good idea, but no thanks. I’m already too obsessed with the game.

Checking phone at the office “OH SHIT! Boss, I gotta go home, I’m getting raided!”

Yeah, he would just stare you down like you were fucking insane. Even if we did have an app, in the time it would take to power up and get in-game you would be long dead :v:

Haha True! :eng101:
But what if it is not only look if you are getting raided?
For example; start up your turrets? Or any other way to defend yourself while you are on your phone?
Because now if your offline there is no way to defend what you build. (other than spikes or a lot of doors and walls)

Could be interesting if they could manage it.

You are notified
You look through the apps camera to the in game
You see these mo-fo’s trying to break in
You swap to your turret
You take control
You sit and watch the door on your phone instead of doing work
They break through
You shoot them and win
Laugh maniacally
Check Turret Ammo and set on auto.

Well here’s the thing, it takes away from development time that could be used for bug fixes and more content. If the community really really wants this, then I’m gonna guess it will come late in the development cycle.

+Support, i want this xD

Or maybe you get message when you are playing at other videogames so you can TAB and go to Rust :slight_smile: Or you are at toilet so you shit faster (Shit verb FTW ! He shits, she shits, we shits, WE ARE SHITTING !).

Anyway, it would be quite useful… There is a MUST-HAVE: Send voice-answer to raiders like

‘YOLO, SWAG, BITCHES, I am work gg >:’’ then a classic robotic-woman-voice will repeat that in game in your house and raiders will heard it ! Oh magnific, hilarious, epic ! :X

Time to sleep.

I wouldn’t mind a mobile app, just for the ability to avoid decay on houses. For instance, I’m going to Vegas for 5 days next week, and as long as I log in right before I leave and right when I get back, my bases shouldn’t decay on me, but it’d be cool if I could have a mobile app to just “check in” with while on vacation, lol.

I*** DEFINITELY*** want a mobile app.
I travel a lot and would like to be able to check in to avoid decay.
I was gone for 5 days last week and my base was nearly gone when I got back.


+1 For this! Once we get some proper “guild” raiding to happen it will get more edge with notification getting middle of night and trying to defend your village. :smiley:

This would be totally possible if there was an in-game log for when doors are destroyed.