Rust Mod Ideas

It seems Door Sharing has taken the cake as the #1 most loved feature, whats next?

Resource manipulation? (increase node spawns, decrease spawn times, or increase resources gathered) etc
Death messages? (xEnt has been killed by PlayerB)
Voice notifications? (maybe similar to the message you get when gathering a resource, but shows whos speaking?)
Getting the car to steer?? (this may not even be possible at this point, just throwing it on the list though)
Clan/group/friend anti fire? (sick of accidentally killing friends?)

shoot out your ideas here, i’m keen to see what people really want!

I wouldn’t even say anti fire. Maybe if you’re in a group with someone, their name shows up from more than 5 feet away if you aim at them? Everything else on this list looks awesome!

the car isn’t it a case of adding the vars to the client cfg for accelerate break etc

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i would like to see pvp timezone in effect
comprehensive logfile for making server stats site

All of these ideas are AMAZING ent and you should implement them into rust++ if you have the time, i run rust++ and everyone who joins is in love with it. These are all great ideas that would help out i was also thinking of some ideas.

  • Allowing admins access to Destroy Foundations, Pillars and ceilings. (maybe a tool would be this, hatchet or something.) This one especially because i always have people asking me to break a mistake they made when building, and its impossible atm.
    -3Rd Person view, they took it out although alot of people actually used it, its great for PVE servers.
  • Change Color clothing (just something fun so not everyone would be wearing the same color)
  • Ability for admins to god mode (Chosen players)
  • Teleport Requesting
  • Party? the ability to party up in game
  • When players Join, Send a welcome message with Commands and a quick overview of how the modded server works. (this message will be clickable, and in a pull up menu like the crafting menu?, maybe have the option to minimize, or add the Command info to the crafting system Menu in its separate tab, and just send them a message letting them know where the command menu is
  • Vote to kick players ( Helpful if admins arnt on)
    -Allow admin to lock access (aka Turn off Blowing up doors and walls with C4) Would be good for PVE.
  • Allow Admin to fly, Speed Run, Totally invisible (as of now the name still shows above the head), This is helpful for admins who enforce server rules( ive caught a few raiders going invisible).
  • Admins Get notifications when a Wall or Door destroyed, soandso destroyed Wall. (this would alert the admins when something is happening)
  • Commands for admin to lock and unlock server to the public
  • Admin Name Color tag (red) for owner (blue) for other added admins/moderators
  • in Side chat on screen, allow the colors from above to be implemented When an admin writes in chat.
  • Able to click the name in the side chat to Private Message?
  • Item autopick up, you still press E but it picks up the whole backpack, Box instead of having to individually move things 1 by 1 (this is great for rad zones or for people to quickly pickup and keep moving)
  • Ability To place torches, Walls, ect.

Just some ideas, Will post more when i think of some.

(Alot of the ideas i have posted are from people who play on my server, who i ask what other types of mods theyd like to see added in R++)

I would also add welcome messages similar to the Oxide plugin. “Xent22 has joined the server!”. Then we can send that person a chat message with the mod instructions when they join.

As long as it’s something that can be disabled. At least the way it is now, they have to keep checking their steam overlay. Even that pisses me off, but there’s probably nothing that can be done about that.

i’d like them to utilise the server message feature you know the one where if the door is locked it pops up and says it’s locked

You can use a message similar to that already

i know but i’d like it implemented into rust ++

As a server owner, it honestly came down to this for me:

  1. Admin tools
  2. whitelist
  3. Drop lists
  4. Everything else.

I use to run rust++ however I needed more config options and a whitelist. After that, features are features.

there is a whitelist for rust++ it’s called group gate you can allow steam group members only

An admin spectate command. That’s what I’m pulling for the most

How about a mod that flags new players as pvp-exempt for a certain amount of time? Is that possible?

I mean, if HFB ever gets their shit together, and I can go back to spamming the server with messages every fifteen minutes, that might be enough, but such a mod would be better.

Group whitelisting is different then just a white list.

I would prefer not to have a 300+ group on steam, nor manage it. I would rather just make a big local list and work with that.

Yes I see it does do it… but its also not a supported mod by our hoster so if I had my choice, it would be rustessentials with a whitelist rather then groupgate.

well i’m using it and it’s just as easy to invite to group and remove from group then have to keep editing txt file to ftp

This is a very good idea, would help out so much.

As a server admin looking to keep things clean and fun for my players, what I’m looking for are the following:

  • A way to quickly remove pillars, foundations, ceilings.
  • An admin-only tooltip to show who placed an object you’re looking at. (To deal with griefers, etc.)
  • Better logging. Item logs, etc.
  • An admin-only fly/noclip would be great for doing player checks. (It’s abuseable no doubt, but for legitimate admins, it would be incredibly useful.)
  • A good tiered permission system for multiple admins.

As a player, what I would like to see:

  • Specified door sharing. Only share the door I’m looking at with the specified player. May not be possible or a huge pain in the ass to do, I don’t know. But it would give me the option of giving access to my base to friends, but I could also have a private area. (Not a huge issue, just a thought.)

  • Group System. I’m not looking for a no friendly fire group system. I would just like to have a system where I can identify friendlies in big skirmishes. Given that as of right now you can’t really differentiate between friend/foe without being about 5 feet from them, it would be immensely useful. This could be remedied in Rust itself if some character customization or custom armor dying or something similar comes into play.

GroupGate still has restrictions with the grouping (cant be private, has to be in group and showing on page and all that), which is fine. But like I said… it doesnt replace a true whitelist. Its close yes.

Here are other recommendations from above users I highly like.

  • Allowing admins access to Destroy Foundations, Pillars and ceilings. (maybe a tool would be this, hatchet or something.) This one especially because i always have people asking me to break a mistake they made when building, and its impossible atm.
  • Vote to kick players
  • Commands for admin to lock and unlock server to the public (whitelisting like rust essentials)

We need a mod that will display an areas name somewhere on your screen, maybe at the top left or something.

Most of the ideas I’ve had are already listed.

What I am interested in is making it so players can’t use the command: Grass.on False

I’m sure the grass can cause lag, but it also makes using the grass as cover - pointless.