RUST++ Mod

RUST++ is now bundled with Magma there is no more standalone version

RUST++ Mod - a server-side mod to add more functionality & settings to your server!

Game Server Providers using this mod:
Nitrous Networks
Streamline Servers


Door sharing
Voice notifications
Broadcast PvP death messages
Chat history
Friendly fire toggle
Permissions flag system
Keep items on death mode
Destructible shelters, ceilings, pillars & foundation
Kick/ban system
Mutable players
Player list & online count
Private messaging system
Friend system
Starter kits
Admin Godmode
Admin loadout
Permanent day/night settings
Message of the day
Server notices
Shutdown messages & auto save
Player join/leave notices
Voice proximity toggle
Auto saving
Admin announcements
Easier teleport commands
Structure Decay toggle
Display location coordinates & ping
PvP, instacraft, sleepers etc can be modified & loaded from Rust++ config file


Player Commands

------- General Commands --------
/help (Shows commands)
/history (Shows chat history, last 6 messages by default)
/players (Shows online players)
/location (Shows the coordinates of the player)
/ping (shows latency between client and server)
/starter (gives a configurable starter kit)
/about  (shows server mod version)
/rules (shows server rules)
/motd (shows the message of the day)

------ Private Messaging --------
/pm "playername" "message"  (private messages a player. MUST BE USED IN QUOTES)
/r message here  (quick reply to last PM)

------ Friend System ----------
/friends  (shows your friends list)
/addfriend playername (adds a player to your friends list)
/unfriend playername (removes a friend)

------ Door Sharing ------------
/share playername (shares your doors with a player) - no more quotes!
/unshare playername (unshares your doors with a player) - no more quotes

Admin Commands & Flag Names

------- General -----------
/announce <message> (FLAG: CanAnnounce) - broadcasts a notice to the server
/give "player" "itemname" "amount" (FLAG: CanGiveItem) - gives a player an item
/i "itemname" "amount" (FLAG: CanGiveItem) - gives yourself an item
/instako (FLAG: CanInstaKO) - enables instant knockout mode for your self (all structures will be knocked down in 1 hit), great with an Uber Bow!
/kill <playername (FLAG: CanKill) - kills a player
/loadout (FLAG: CanLoadout) allows the player to spawn an admin loadout configured in the cfg file.
/reload (FLAG: CanReload) - reloads the data from the config files
/saveall (FLAG: CanSaveAll) - saves all the data on the server
/tphere <playername> (FLAG: CanTeleport) - teleports a player to you
/tpto <playername> (FLAG: CanTeleport) - teleports you to a player
/god (FLAG: CanGodMode) - enables god mode so you can't die from a player

-------- Security -------
/ban <playername> (FLAG: CanBan) - bans a player from the server
/unban <playername> (FLAG: CanUnban) - unbans a player from the server
/kick <playername> (FLAG: CanKick) - kicks a player from the server
/mute <playername> (FLAG: CanMute) - mutes a player
/unmute <playername> (FLAG: CanUnmute) - unmutes a player
/addwl <playername> (FLAG: CanWhiteList) - adds a player to the whitelist (if whitelist mode is enabled)

------- Admin System ---------
/setmasteradmin (FLAG: RCON) - sets a user logged in as RCON, as a master admin (which can do anything)
/addadmin <playername> (FLAG: CanAddAdmin) - turns a normal player into an admin (with no flags set)
/unadmin <playername> (FLAG: CanDeleteAdmin) - turns an admin into a normal player
/addflag "playername" "flagName" (FLAG: CanAddFlags) - adds a flag to an admin
/unflag "playername" "flagname" (FLAG: CanUnflag) - removes a certain flag from an admin
/getflags <playername> (FLAG: CanGetFlags) - shows the flags a player can use

Admin Console commands (F1) (must be logged in w to use these commands) (turns the server to daytime)
rustpp.night (turns the server to nighttime)
rustpp.shutdown (Starts a automated server shutdown process, with messages and auto saving)

Admin Instructions
Upon logging into the server for the first time, use console and log into RCON. then write /setmasteradmin
You now are a master admin and can promote anybody to an admin, and give them certain permissions. Admin flag names are above in the admin commands.

To give a player permissions, first promote them to an admin /addadmin <playername
You can now assign flags to them, if i wanted that admin to only have the ability to kick players, i would do /addflag “adminname” “CanKick”
If you want to give EVERY PERMISSION to an admin write /addflag “adminname” “all”


Bundled with Rust++ comes a rust++.cfg file, open this with any text editor and you can change configuration around. most is self explanatory, but below is a summary of everything




help_string1=Chat Commands: /help /location /history /pm /r /players /starter /ping /share /unshare
help_string2=/friends /addfriend /unfriend /about    // this is the text that will show when a player uses /help if enabled

configurable_airdrops=DISABLED DUE TO INSTABILITY     // configurable airdrops are simply the ability to change the time of airdrops, and the amount of airdrops that come at that time
airdrop_interval=DISABLED DUE TO INSTABILITY      // time in milliseconds 600000 = 1 hr
amount_of_airdrops=DISABLED DUE TO INSTABILITY     // amount of airdrops that happen when the interval is up

freeze_time=false   // ability to freeze the time, useful if you want a permanent day/night server
time=12   // the game time (12=midday, 0=midnight)

starterkit_cooldown=3600   // time in seconds, 3600=1hr, time between using starter kit command
shutdown_countdown=60   // time in seconds. amount of notice given (ticks every 10 seconds) after using rustpp.shutdown command
voice_proximity=false   // if false, when you see another person you'll be able to hear them clearly no matter how far away they are, volume does not lower

default_admin_flags=CanKick|CanTeleport|CanAnnounce|CanGetFlags|CanMute|CanUnmute    // when using /addadmin, this is the flags they will gain by default.

decay=true  // experimental! setting to false *should* stop decaying. careful with this, as too many structures can cause a laggy server, or worse
chat_history_amount=6  // the amount of messages the history shows
keepitems=false // if true, the players will not drop their items upon death
friendly_fire=true // if false, players can add other players to their friends list, and won't do damage to them
pvp_death_broadcast=true // should players on the server see who killed each other?
join_notice=true // should players see notices on who logs in
leave_notice=true // should players see notices on who logs out
voice_notifications=true // should you get a notification message upon voice chat (bottom right corner)
voice_notifications_delay=1500 // increase this delay if you feel the notifications feel a bit spammy
autosave_interval=300000  // autosaves every 5 minutes
autosave_enabled=true // autosaves
pvp=true   // player vs player or not?
instant_craft=false  // no cooldown on the crafting timer
enforce_truth=true   // usually keep this set to true, kicks players doing weird things apparently!
sleepers=true   // setting this to false will allow users to logout without being killed during sleep (lying on the floor)

system_message_name=[RUST++]   // the prefix for server messages/notices etc

notice_enabled=true   // if you want to enable server notices popping up
notice_interval=900000  // time in milliseconds, how often do you want to spam your server with this notice? (i recommend 15 minutes (900000 milliseconds) minimum)
notice_messages_amount=3   // amount of messages displayed, configured below
notice1=RUST++ Mod Server!
notice2=PVP, Instacraft! Amazing server!!
notice3=Chat Commands: /help /location /history /pm /players /starter /share /unshare

motd=true // should a message of the day be displayed?
motd1=Welcome to a RUST++ Server!
motd2=This server still needs to configure this area! so fresh!

enabled=false  // if enabled, nobody will be able to join your server, unless their username & steamID is inside the whitelist.xml file


items=4   // number of items in the starter kit. BELOW must have 'itemX_name and itemX_amount' where X represents a count to the max amount of items in the starter kit

item1_name=Stone Hatchet
item2_name=Sleeping Bag
item4_name=Wood Shelter


items=2   // number of items in the admin loadout. BELOW must have 'itemX_name and itemX_amount' where X represents a count to the max amount of items in the admin loadout
item2_name=556 Ammo

Known Issues


Updated for the new version of rust

Updated for the new version of rust


Fixed issues with new Rust update.
Added a little prevention to avoid (hope) auto-saving crash.
Added some internal functions to prepare for Magma.


added /god (if you have the right permissions)
fixed /unflag
/reload now reloads the admins.xml and whitelist.xml files
added default_admin_flags to the config file


RUST++ is a standalone mod now (does not require Leather to load it), but still fully compatible with Leather
Door sharing/MOTD etc have been updated to work fine with the latest patch & the features it brings
Friendly fire mode has been added (if disabled, you will not damage any friends on your friends list)
added /instantko - structures can be 1 hit (if you have the correct permissions), this includes shelters/ceilings/foundations & pillars
Keep items mode (if enabled, upon death you will not lose any items)
Whitelisting mode has been added (there is an XML file bundled, which you can add names too manually)
Permission flag system (can assign any permission to specific players)
kick/ban system that saves & can be modified from an XML file
added /motd (shows the MOTD)
fixed a bug with /tpto
/addwl <playername> adds a player to a whitelist
/kill <playername> added if you have the correct permissions (simply kills them)
/rules will show the rules that the server has
/getflags <player> shows the permissions a player has
/addflags <player> all (will give them every ability)
/setmasteradmin (use this when you log into rcon to become a master admin)
/mute <playername> /unmute <playername>
/give "playername" "itemname" "quantity"
/i "ItemName" "quantity"

Now supports Leather 1.1
added "This server is powered by Rust++ <version>" to the MOTD (you cannot change this)
fixed a bug with /starter
fixed /r issue with too many spaces
added in /tphere, /tptoo <partial name> gives you the option to select a number
/reload command (to reload the configuration file, if your an admin)
If the dll's are not patched properly, the mod will now be disabled instead of partially work

some bug fixes
added a Patcher
/about command
/saveall (admin) command


using /pm with spaces has been fixed
using /share and /unshare now do not require quotes and spacing has been fixed
friends system added (/friends, /addfriend, /unfriend) and will save throughout a restart
door sharing players will be saved throughout a restart
added death messages [RUST++]: xEnt (+) EquiFox17 (Revolver)   is what the message will look like
voice chat will now show notifications of whos talking, in the bottom right corner
/announce has been added for admins
/tphere (teleports a player to you) /tpto (teleports you to a player)
/r <message> has been added (Replies to the last private message)
Message of the day has been added
Join/leave server notices added
added in autosaving
configurable /loadout (for admins only)
admins can now use /location "playername"
player save directory is now located in the same directory as your save files, inside a folder called rustpp\rustpp.cfg


updated .dll for new version

enabled door sharing!
disabled configurable airdrops for now until i stabilize it more.

disabled door sharing

fixed server notices spamming every 20 seconds.

Door sharing! /share "playername" /unshare "playername"


admin loadout has been removed
Starter kits now have a configurable cooldown
System messages name can now be configured
/players command is fixed, looks nicer, displays 6 users per line, cutoff @ 60 players (10 lines)
fixed /starter not giving the last item
decay setting has been added, experimental (unsure if it works right now)
added option to increase chat history in config
added private message sent notification
added config for (pvp, instacraft, sleepers) will overwrite any other setting previously initialized
/pm now only delivers a message if the name matches and not partly (case insensitive)


All commands/settings are configurable in the rust++.cfg file
/history will now display 6 of the last strings (up from 5)
automated notices added
starter kit added
advanced airdrops added
freeze time added (permanant day/night)
added /ping command
added voice_proximity setting


RUST++ is now bundled with Magma there is no more standalone version

Developers - This project is Open Source (Outdated source at the moment) & developers are welcome to fork and contribute to the project



Donations will be shared between anyone that contributes towards Rust++

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grats on the release i’m sure most server providers will jump on this.

note you guys are doing good. for this game not liking modders.

Thanks. Also if anyone has any requests for mod improvements let me know. A group system and door sharing will be something I look forward to implementing

I know this is going to sound super fucking lame but I’m glad the modding community is finally doing stuff. I can’t wait for a RP type mod to come around that gives actual purpose to do things.

i’d like see a Option for a Starter set or. No decay option for small servers.

such as a bow/20 Arrows , Campfire , 20 wood. 5 raw chicken & a stone hatchet. but no Decay & a Notice/MOTD were major things alot wanted. i’m assuming the no decay wont ever be found.

Notices, MOTD and configurable starter kits is something I can do next.

It’s out, wow! I’m really pumped about the sorts of tools this mod makes available to admins! One request I have is the ability to turn individual parts off in a config file because I am a huge jerk who wants his players to be lost and adrift with no in-game coordinate system.

Could you publish the code on git ?

Add configurable starter kits, and I’m sold.

You can add it for yourself.
Also. Is there a alternative download ?

would rather not waste my time doing so, don’t have any git tools on my computer and don’t use it anymore.

@CanVox: next few updates when i make a config file to tweak settings ill be sure to have a boolean for every command!

cant wait i do hope a decay option can be added as a seprate part later on to stop decay.

Hello I downloaded your mod command “/history” does not work, I would also change the title of any software mods it takes to decompile or send me the source MP thank you!

Join the Rust++ forums for more information!

ill look into that.

my dev server isnt responding at the moment so im coding blindly. but next release will feature everything configurable in a text file. also will include starter kit and automatic server notices (both configurable!)

xEnt look on steam chat.

xEnt22 How change the file “Rust++_mod” with what software?

can you do a mod for something that shows peoples names from farther away than 2 feet? or maybe show names at all times.

What language is that written in anyways ?! If you don’t provide anything, people won’t install it.
How can I know you didn’t put some bad code inw ho gives you full access.
So either you share the code with us, or you name the language and how to decompile/recompile it for new users.

To be honest, someone that would find usage out of the code, would also know how to decompile it. if nobody wants to install it that’s they’re fault. someone can decompile and git it if they like. i’m not in the mood to constantly update the source everytime i make changes.

@Jarhead59: you cant change the Rust++ mod file, its not a configurable file, i have one coming soon.

written in C# btw