RUST - Modded and community server bans labeled falsely.

Morning everyone. I don’t know if Facepunch monitors the rust servers or not, but a lot of people (myself included) have been getting banned from servers, official/modded/community and labeled falsely. For instance, after killing an admin on the RNC server in Australia, with a few body shots and a leg shot at 4 Meters, I was banned for “Fly Hacking” after this admin, who sounded too young to even be playing Rust, started accusing me of “aim bot” and having a massive sook. I even offered to add him on skype and screen share/recoil test any thing he wanted but the result was still a ban, but labeled falsely. Now, I personally don’t really care that a little kid had a sook and banned me from a server, my concern is that having a list of banned servers prevents you from joining the more populated servers with certain addons/mods installed on the server. Is there anything that can be done about this? the game is dying because servers are being moderated by children and people who simply can’t handle losing.

Yes there is a point here. People should only be banned locally.

Global list are only good with ABSOLUTE PROOF! Im talking video + screenshots to put someone on a ban database.

As a admin id rather let a hacker go thae falsely ban someone. I truly believe in innocent untill PROVEN guilty. Ive had so many people scream for me to ban a hacker… and it turns out to be a simple glitch or user error.

Official servers aren’t moderated.

Private server admins can do what they want. If they want to participate in a community-run global banlist that’s incredibly easy to game and abuse, that’s their idiotic decision.

There is nothing to do except play on a different server. Their reputations will do the rest.

“This game is dying” is a sentence that is meaningless. It hasn’t even been born yet.

Just also want to point out that, if the list really is easy to abuse, someone’s going to come in and ruin it to prove a point. It’s happened with plenty of similar lists for other games, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t happen here.

Dear Cozzy,
Labeling posts that you don’t like as ‘Dumb’ is not a far step away from what happened to you, and therefore I have no sympathy for you.

inb4 you do it to mine too:wink:

(User was banned for this post ("Meme reply" - Craptasket))

Well, I didn’t label you as dumb. But you sir, are the product of an abortion that was canceled halfway through. Neck yourself pls. jks BB ily <3

I predicted it on page 1 of the first thread someone made proposing the idea, months upon months ago. Just write a mod that issues bans to the banlist for random Steam IDs. Eventually you’ll get the whole Rust playerbase banned if they don’t catch on (they might catch on when the list exceeds 500,000 Steam IDs…).

Speaking as the person who was rated dumb in the first place, don’t take ratings so seriously.

Guys, what the fuck is a meme replay? I seriously have no idea what that means. I smell SO much irony

Disclaimer: I’m not a mod, I am only speaking from the experience of seeing this happen to people plenty of times. I can’t tell you what to do, this is advice.

“inb4” is a meme reply. The mods have repeatedly said “this isn’t 4chan”. Basically, you’re expected to communicate like a real person here. The events log is there for people to see what’s happened to others as a way of learning what not to do. Monkey see other monkey get banned, monkey not do.

P.S. the refugee camp is to appeal your ban or get an explanation. It’s the only forum you can see while banned. Also, if you have any questions about a ban after it’s expired and you can’t post in the RC, your best move is to PM the moderator who banned you. Or a different mod if you don’t want to talk to the one who punished you.

Are people actually using global ban lists at this point? I would think legitimate server owners would understand they’re taking the word of someone they don’t know who may have been just appointed part-time admin on a server they’ve never visited. To actually do something like that properly (with weighted values, approved evidence, appeals process, kept up to date etc.) would require more time and hassle than most people would ever consider spending for free.

“The mods have repeatedly said “this isn’t 4chan”.”

I’m not a big fan of the moderation of these forums. It’s at times arbitrary, self-righteous, inconsistent and unproductive. Rebuking/banning posters because you don’t like their tone, don’t agree with their conclusions, think their posts are factually incorrect or don’t like stupid internet slang just kind of chucks any pretense of professionalism, and this is the website for a professional game development studio… not Joe’s bbcode applet on his gaming fan site. Who thought up the idea of banning people for 3 days as a way of telling them you don’t like what they’re doing and would like them to change?

Treating people like children in a childish way will not inspire them to act like adults.

There’s no reason we should have to put up with someone being an asshole lol. That doesn’t help anyone. People need to play nice.


We don’t like idiotic memes and obnoxious shit like ‘inb4’, there’s other websites for posting them nonstop and people can use them. That’s just our choice and the majority of people on this forum support it, so we keep that rule around.

This is an extremely large forum for all sorts of uses beyond facepunch games, there’s only two subforums that actually apply to garry’s games. And if you want to run a large forum, you need a set of strictly enforced rules.

People that understand what’s involved in running a very large forum. being strict tells other people to take more care in what they post. We know what we’re doing.

They can either learn from the temporary ban or we won’t keep them around. It’s their decision. You can believe this system won’t work if you want but it’s been nearly 10 years since this forum started and we’re still one of the top forums around.

Ah, I completely forgot I said that. Thanks for the explanation. I thought the ban was kind of silly but in this light it makes more sense, and it was pretty short anyway so I’m not bothered by it. I had never read that rule anywhere so you telling me now will definitely save me this trouble later. Thank you.

Tone is highly subjective, and 3/4 the people on the internet are assholes.

That was actually a reference to a post I read last week where the poster was banned because the mod felt they referenced the wrong anti-cheat service. That’s basically what the notes said.

I don’t like them either. I also f’in hate the abbreviation “lol”. But I would never even conceive of banning people who used it as part of a larger comment without some kind of warning, particularly if that comment was relevant. Personal preference, I guess.

Well I’m not going to argue the point when the guy who got banned is busy saying “thanks for setting me straight, boss” one post up. You apparently have things in line.
Most of the reasonable community-minded message board posters I’ve encountered in the past 24 years wouldn’t take kindly to being banned off the cuff for something trivial and told to go to a special board to apologize and get one’s posting privs back, but if it’s works for the regulars around here… I guess that’s what matters.

Didn’t say it “won’t work”, just that it wouldn’t inspire others to act in an adult fashion.

I’m still not a fan of the methodology, but I don’t have to be. Thanks for taking the time for a civil reply.

Don’t play on shitty server’s that use shitty global shared ban lists, most half decent servers don’t and if they do its a very tight shared banned list.

A master ban list might be a good idea for server owners to reference, optionally and intelligently, when reviewing a player. If you see suspicious activity and have chat chatter but you’re not entirely convinced, seeing that player was banned for the same thing from 3 other servers this week might tip the scales.

It’s still abusable, and you’re still left trying to find a way to rate the reliability of the admin sources.

You mean this?

This is the post.

The post ElvenNeko links to is a thread he made that accuses the developers of writing cheats themselves so they can sell them to people on cheat sites, and that is why their anticheat efforts have not miraculously caught every single hack and every cheater. Not, you know, the game’s in alpha, the devs are primarily focused on making the game and that’s more important at this moment than dropping everything to make everything hardened against hackers (which also complicates the code a lot), and there are almost always going to be cheats.

You can click on items in the Events page to look at the threads, unless they’ve been deleted, so you can see the post that the ban was for. That helps avoid misunderstandings.

ElvenNeko wasn’t banned for naming the wrong anticheat, ElvenNeko was banned for being unwilling to read anything by the devs and just complain about cheaters.

On Facepunch, tempbans are warnings. If you haven’t bothered to look around the community a bit (the events log, as I said, provides an easy way to see what people are being banned for), there’s your warning. Your posting and browsing rights are restricted to get you to take the warning seriously. Also, when you’re banned, you can see a special subforum called the Refugee Camp, and that’s provided for you to talk to the mods. On a first offense for a given ban reason, you can usually get a reduction or even a complete unban if you apologize and demonstrate that you’ve learned your lesson and won’t repeat the bad posting behaviour that got you banned.

The only ban that isn’t a warning is a permaban, and under most circumstances, you will have multiple chances.

Obviously there’s posts that can be in the middle ground, and the internet is full of pricks, but there are limits to what we’ll tolerate here and I feel they’d fall under common sense. Especially if it’s rude shit directed at the developers of the game. But I don’t really think this is that big an issue. They only get a temporary ban and can then come back and try again (unless they’re just plain nuts, or trolling). It’s just a simple way to tell people to chill out.

Are you talking about elvenneko’s post? That guy had been told before to read the dev blog etc before trying to call out the devs, and once again he was criticizing the devs for doing something that wasn’t even remotely true (he said they weren’t using an outside anticheat service when they are). We don’t like it when lazy people ignore resources, make the worst assumption, then try to shit on the devs for it. That’s rude and silly, so yeah, eventually we’ll get tired of it and just ban them until they start reading on their own.

I understand that, but again I’m saying that after almost 10 years on this place I can absolutely say the system does inspire others to behave. If you give one person a private warning to stop doing something, that person learns to stop doing it. if you ban them, everyone learns to stop doing it and will make an effort to avoid getting themselves banned. That’s pretty much what you need to do for an absolutely giant forum, make people want to moderate themselves as well. It becomes chaos otherwise with a forum this big if everyone just posts whatever they want with the expectation that a mod will be along shortly to tell them if they’re OK or not.

This thread isn’t for discussing the way this forum is run. I think this is enough derailment so just PM me if you really want to further discuss why this forum is run the way it is.

Off topic but I have to admit that being banned myself for what i thought was a stupid reason has made me think twice about what I type on these boards.

Mission accomplished guys.

There is no global ban list, right? So OP is just worrying about nothing. Or, if some servers are sharing a list, just play on a server that is not. Seems like a non-issue.