Rust Modding Prospects?

I recently stumbled upon Rust whilst browsing youtube, I have - as a keen and modder in the Arma and Minecraft communities - began to wonder what prospects Rust will hold for the modding community in the future. As it currently stands - correct me if I am wrong - the game is run on one centralised server and is played through the browser, knowing this; it would lead me to believe that there will be little to no opportunity for modders to start fiddling with the code and perhaps create something cool out of it? However considering Garry’s previous projects I would be inclined to assume that some level would be available. Perhaps private server and client files will be released which would provide a well sought after opportunity but as of now I am rather unsure, therefore if somebody could perhaps clarify this or at-least give their opinions or views this subject they it would be much appreciated as my fingers are now itching to being coding!

With Garry’s history of projects, I would say its likely to have some sort of modding capabilities in this game. But, maybe he wants to make a game with no mods, with it being completely serious. Who knows.

Yeah, that was somewhat my fear!