Rust Modding - What Up

Modding isn’t supported. There is no API. You’re on your own. This forum is for those that are brave enough to try.

We’re concentrating on making the actual game right now - not allowing people to make different games inside the game.

Be careful not to cross the line between mods and cheats. You’ll probably get banned if your posts/threads cross this line.

If your server is modded please make sure it appears in the modded tab and not the community tab. Your mod should do this for you. You run the risk of having your server IP blacklisted if you don’t do this.

Having issues or concerns about a mod posted here? Don’t make a new thread, use the existing thread. This section doesn’t need to be stuffed with 20 threads asking how to use rust++.

For rust++ discussion:
For rust essentials/leatherloader discussion:
For oxide discussion:
For dropparty discussion:
For promodeus discussion:
For magma discussion: