Rust, mods, oxide?

I was wondering if someone could fill me in on what exactly mods are for rust. Can I use mods like timed messages and other simple mods without being in the modded server list? I understand that giving 300x resources per hit would classify as modded, I’m just a little confused on the whole ordeal.

Just installing Oxide without any mods will mark you as modded. Welcome to the segregation.

There is no light weight api with access to limited functions or anything like that? Oxide is all you get and you are modded if you use it?

pretty much. running a vanilla server still gives you the admin commands, but any plugins will mark you as modded. there is also “pluton” apparently, but oxide seems most common.

Rust essentials is another api

All modding platforms mark you as modded, that’s a rule you have to follow if you don’t want your server perma-banned from the listing.

That said there are servers who still do it (run as “community” but with mods) and just like hackers and fake pop listings FP is migthy-lazy at closing/banning these. I won’t explain how to do this (in fact I don’t know and wouldn’t if I did).

The exception is that rcon utilities like Rusty do not mark your server as modded, since you’re only using built-in rcon with an external utility instead of actually altering the server files. You can’t do as much with rcon as you can with Oxide/Pluton/Magma/etc. but it won’t count as modded.

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As if this is the only thing they have to worry about.