Rust Montage! Less than 20 Seconds!! (PsiSyndicate's Footage)

Hey guys, if you haven’t already seen Midzy’s RUST - Concept Video, I made a little montage/edit from footage from PsiSyndicate. Can’t wait to play this game when I get the chance! Jealous of everyone who’s currently playing it.
Check out my video!

Special Thanks to: (Rust edit Concept) (Footage Used)

Sums up the game very well.

Get this guy on board head of media.

Should’ve added the death screen for the ending.

good idea, I’ll consider it for future videos :downs:


Include the part he looses a ton of rust keys midstream

haha I remember that part!

10/10 Montage, you’ve done a great job with this and the german rap just fits perfectly.

Is this serious?

This is not call of duty, we don’t want your 720 no scope head shot ladder bangs. wub.

It ends very suddenly and it looks a bit to much like CoD montage.

Where were the "720 no scope head shot ladder bangs? because pretty sure there was a pick axe in there. But thanks for your opinion :smile:

What i am saying is why would you make a montage for a game like rust?

Why not? It’s not like a can go play it. Chill out, just wanted to make something while I waited for the game’s release. Didn’t know it was illegal.

awesome promo video. would be awesome to play this game

Amazing editing :o hope you get to play soon

Pretty bad to be honest. That style of editing doesn’t really fit Rust IMO.

pretty sick idea. hope to see you play soon man c:

Not enough dubstep and flashes and 360’s

Truly epic friend :slight_smile:

oh boy
hardcore mlg rust matches

hardcore building and gathering streams with live commentary.

“Team A is moving up to control the gather piles, can they do it!?