Rust more laggy on steam?

Ever since the rocks got added I have been lagging horribly. I thought that once the game came out for steam I would lag less, but I’m lagging even more.

Any suggestions?

Yeah, I have getting more lag since the switch as well. Just be patient, I’m sure optimization fixes will be implemented soon. :smile:

Really hope they do. I hope its not like War Z where I had to uninstall because they never gave me my old frames.

This game is in alpha and is way better than WarZ no matter what version WarZ was in. xD

Yup, I totally regret War Z.

Yeah I am having the same problems here also.

Ugh I really wish I can play ._.

I’m upgrading my GPU though.

Not for me.

Is it true that this issue only affects AMD users?

I’ll take a look at why the rocks are lagging, there was an issue where one of the versions up wasn’t culling the rocks at a large distance so it was basically rendering every single one. I’ll keep you posted

Alright, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if it does, but I do have a AMD card.

i have a nvidia and its lag too… its always looking to the same direction… north i think

I was having no problems at all with the browser version prior to the Steam launch, now I’m having pretty good lag with the browser and unplayable holy crap lag with Steam. I’ll sit and wait patiently while it’s looked into - once the withdrawal passes, of course twitch.

Is the game trying to render something that isn’t necessary to render at the time? Arma 2 made the same mistake that’s why everyone gets horrible fps, but at least you can configure the draw distance. Maybe that’s a possible fix for Rust?

Yeah, I have an Nvidia GTX 550ti. But I have an integrated AMD card in my Motherboard which i used untill I upgraded. So i guess people with either GPU is having this issue.

Well herre …: Asus G73 S 10 Gig Ram … nvidia GTX 446 M1.5Gb

But even if i had a computer " made in Nasa " this would not do a shit … because the server continu to crash alllll the time …

anyway … what a hell are they doing …? i have no clue about … maybe adding some new little rocks ?? all aound the map ??

Gad damed !

Take all of you … i hopping that they gone stop crash the server every hour !

The servers have not crashed once since I started to play 2 weeks ago.