Rust Mouse moving


I have something that recently started ruining my Rust experience it’s game related and I really want the problem te be solved. When I aim with any weapon it moves out of it self, I do not move the mouse, but still the aimsight is moving on its own. It’s not PC related, because Rust is the only game where I have this problem. I really want Rust to be enjoyable for me again. I’m at a point of quiting, because of this problem. I really don’t know what to do… Please help me.

Hope to hear from you.


I have a friend that did a 180 just randomly. It was not him

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if someone knows how to help you they will
if no one knows no one will respond, being a cunt wont help you

Ithink your explaination is a bit vauge what do you meen exactly when you say " I do not move the mouse, but still the aimsight is moving on its own"

I have seem to have a touch of motion lag on weapons or witchy site espeicaly on the bolt

" I do not move the mouse, but still the aimsight is moving on its own"

i believe you mean weapon sway?
if so, no problem here.

you say it is not PC related? and Rust is the only game it happens? does it only happen when you ADS?

Lazer mouse???

How much does it move? If it’s only a little bit when aiming down the sights, then that’s just weapon away, which is perfectly normal and is a feature in almost all fps games.

well I’m thinking if it’s a laser mouse I bet your money he’s just got hair something built up inside of the pathway of the laser

I’ve played with him on Rustruggle and then Rustopia or Les Nomads or something. Anyway, that’s irrelevant, just want to say he’s been like this ever since.

To the OP, hope I have not offended you by stating a fact, but I have no solution besides make sure your mouse/surface is clean and you have got up-to-date drivers (as dumb and typical as it sounds).

I cannot give you technical feedback as your explanation really IS vague and I cannot comprehend what you mean. Make a video or better explain it. Also if you have found a solution it would be nice to tell us as someone else may be experiencing this.

Is this in anyway referencing sway ? The mechanics are set so that your aiming does not give a clean shot. It moves as if you are breathing

Seems to be Binding Problem, you maybe misplaced something in youre movement options, had this problem myself fixed it by unbinding and reconfugierung.

If you want some help be polite, this is something not everyone knows about.