Rust - Music

I hope they will add a lot of more music, it is one of the most important aspects in videosgames if you want create some deep atmosphere.

maybe something like this: (without the voice) (The first minute of this track, the other side is to penetrant maybe.)

How are you thinking about this?

I personaly just love the music they have now. It would be nice if they could implement like, battle music, for when you are fighting, much like in Skyrim.
Problem is that that is scripted so it only happens when a NPC becomes hostile towards you & since there are other players in the game it would be hard to implement that due to the fact that youre not always hostile towards one another.

(yes, there are friendly players in Rust :v:)

Needs some ich tu dir weh.

When Rust was in the Web player stage it had some interesting background noises.
From what i recall it sounded like either Arabic or Russian voices being transmitted over radio, with general background music behind the voices. This fit in well with the radiation post-apocalyptic feel of the game.

Personally i would like the game to go down a caveman type route so I would like some tribal type music in the background. But that’s because my in-game character likes to act like a caveman.