Rust N-Stepping/Lag Switch Guide

-snip, this is going to cause too much hate; see you guys later-

Why didnt you just fucking email this to Gary? Why put it on the forums where everyone who plays this game can see it. The duping is already a problem which they fill fix soon. But N-stepping is completely game breaking.

Fine, snipped.

It’s like people think no-one reads the goddamn forums.

Guess I better be ready to die constantly for inexplicable reasons.

EDIT: At least you have the sense to snip it, good work mate.

Wow thank you, im sure you can email it to Gary and he can resolve it. Its alot better that way, so not everyone is running around trying to N-step eachother. :smiley:

Lag switching is old as dirt. Im sure Gary has been well aware of this issue, they have already fixed it one time. I am sure they will fix it again.

the more people use it the faster it gets fixed, no-one wants to have 1000 exploiters running around

Precisely. It’s not hard to find these videos either.

If I had a game like this I’d rather it became a massive issue before release

imagine releasing a game that has people breaking the thing because you couldn’t fix the stuff while it was alpha. I’d rather they tried to break the game as much as they could before it was released, hell, get someone to DDOS the servers once in a while to stress test them, make everyone spawn in a really small map with guns to test mass combat, and everything I can think of.

In the end, you want to make these issues as abused as possible, so it’s impossible in the long run to use them.

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Why so much hate this game is early development everything that happens now doesn’t mean shit…

Smart guy^

Thanks, I mean this game is irrelevant at the moment.

The youngsters just don’t understand that :slight_smile:

well. glad you guys are having fun publicly posting all the exploits we knew even though you were in attendance when helk was in teamspeak and was shown all the exploits and bugs.

ill keep my mouth shut next time im testing to see if n stepping still works… less than 3 days and its a server wide problem “again” and everyone wants to be the “founder” of a prehistoric exploit.

Fully agreed Bubbles!

This is just getting better and better. One more guide on food and medkit macro spams that makes you near invincible is needed! GOGOGOGO

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Not everyone knew I bet all those new players that join and get killed over over and over didnt know. But now they know and can kill you instead using same exploits :wink:

I am the founder. Its mine! all mine!