US PVP Server!

Rust-Nation’s server is currently a 200slot server with 50 reserved (for donators, admins, etc).

The server information is: (press f1 at main menu and type “net.connect” which will connect you)

All crafting is INSTANT! On the other hand, cooking will take some time :wink: Don’t die of hunger!

We have sharing enabled, you can simply type “/share “name of friend”” and all your doors will open for them. This is cASe SensiTIVe.

Airdrops will begin dropping as soon as 15 players are in the server.

Server commands are as follow:

/help – Shows all server commands
/location – Shows your location in coordinates
/history – Shows the chat history of the previous 8 messages
/pm – private message a friend with “/pm “name””
/players – lists the other players in the server
/starter – Grants you the starter kit! Includes cloth armor, bow&arrows, bandage, sleeping bad, stone hatchet, and 80xwood.
/ping – shows your current ping to the server
/share /unshare – shares/unshares your ability to open your doors with other players

Our in-game store is viewable on our website. All purchases will be re-given to you if the server is to wipe. As of now there are no planned wipes.

Remember that this server is PvP so watch your back! Don’t forget to use your starter kit, and make sure you are in a safe spot when you logout because sleepers are enabled! You will fall asleep where you logout and can be killed!