rust need hard improvement

Hello guys,
first of all: my english is not the best, but i try to explain myself in best way i can.
i startet to play rust for 2 weeks. some of my friends will join also. 170h in 1 week =) (rust junky lvl1)
already have 2 wipe experience and i analysized the game system.

the devs are working perma on updates but i think they just focus on “secondary” problems and not on main!
the servers are mostly full at the first days after the wipe… after 1 week you see how the server going to die!
ppl change instantly the server if they have a bad start or something… there is no motivation to stay on a server
player who craft and build big buildings have also no motivation cuz there are no players anymore!

the chatsystem is low!

i think the devs should focus on the follow list:

motivate the player to not change often the servers ( maximum server change limit ?!?! )
highscore of clans? (clansystem where you can see the dangerous clans on the server, with points which get raise by kda or survival time and loot?)
maximum 5 players in 1 clan?
servers leagues like in every moba: bronz silver etc. where amateurs start in bronz league server (friendly and good to learn the game)
and every wipe/month/week (whatever) your gain the premission to join in a server with higher league at the end there is a “pro” server where best of rust meet togehter?

atm you lose everything even if you are good…because:
get raid and focused by clans at begin = no motivation /lost
raid everbody and kill everbody = ppl leave server / lost again

how about a peace time? i mean some ppl are helpless if they get raid late. so workless ppl have always a advantage.
would be cool to have nights the “no raid” time of 3 hours or something. time to refresh your house and SLEEP WELL

i hope i could explain myself a little and you can think about my brainstorming

None of these systems fit in the game.

1 week = 7 days = 168h. Either you are lying about your hours, which is stupid because nobody here gives a shit about a player’s hours IG, either you sleep on average… Well… 0 hours a day.

A maximum server change limit is an appalling idea