Rust needs a map

I am constantly getting lost and having to restart everything and its really frustrating.

please add a map or something to navigate around, even a compass would work well.

Would be nice to get into a VERY secluded area and not have to lose your shit really Enjoy :slight_smile:

it takes time to get used to the terrain and know wheres what. adding a map would be a good idea. or even better would be the chance of finding a map or having a blueprint to make a map. i think that would be cool.

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eventually do they intend to release the whole map?

not sure, I would assume so…I heard somewhere this is only a quarter of the map

Play the game for a day running around and you’ll know the landscape off by heart.

Also the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, you should be easily able to navigate the tiny map knowing this. Our ancestors were able to navigate a whole uncharted planet with this information.