Rust needs a time limit to where you cant kill and be killed

I’ve seen situations where you have players kill you for no reason and you’re a new spawn too. Please fix this.

I don’t agree, I mean you won’t always spawn right next to someone, so I’m sure it doesn’t always happen.

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Don’t run in the open
Don’t stay in the same spot all the time
Don’t attempt to engage people without a weapon
Don’t build shit where you know people will find you frequently
You don’t speak for everyone. In fact, you’re the type that pisses everyone off, simply because you’re crying like the other casuals out there who get wrecked and do nothing to get better, but instead come to the forums and bitch, piss, and moan like we or the devs will side with you to be catered to.

I’ve died in WarZ when I use to play it the instant I’d spawn. I didn’t bitch about it. Sure it pissed me off, since respawns on characters were an hour. Rather than bitch, I made a new toon and started right over. The point is stop crying and start progressing and getting better…

Bitching on the forums won’t do you any good because no one will feel sympathetic to you other than the other PVE carebears.

You died a few minutes after spawning, with no gear to lose. Tell me more about your painful experience and tremendous loss.

Click respawn and carry on.

People with guns kill naked people because there is no way to tell who has just spawned and who is just running around without any armor on.

just dont be a noob… find someone to play with (most important and is not that hard. stop being anti-social), stay off the roads (90% of ppl will kill u if ur dumb enough to be on the road), if ur friendly dont approach ppl with guns (friendlies tend to use bows until attacked due to their stealthy nature), dont hang around large gatherings of ppl because someone is bound to start something then ppl riot, and be aware of ur surroundings (dont just hold W and text. look around u every 50-100 feet or get the high ground). best advice ull get.

P.S. dont run across a field… use cover. its either spend the ~3min it takes to go around a field or get shot at.

What to stop people from destroying anything a person tries to make civilized? Will other colored shirts be implemented? Painting clothing? Otherwise you choose Leather or Kevlar and pray they aren’t wearing the same. Here’s my issue with giving players the option to do anything evil:

You have to give the players on the receiving end the ability to counter EVERY evil move. You can’t hack down metal doors for instance. So how do you stop people from stealing your things? If I can’t open someone’s door, why can I open their stash? What does the game need? Metal Stashes that cannot be destroyed cept by C4 and can’t be looted unless destroyed (come things are destroyed in the explosion). This would stop raiders from doing things to people that are sitting in a little 1x2 hut and focus more on those that have a fortress of wood or metal and most likely the firepower to fight back.

Also, for the size of the map, there needs to be more areas with animals and nodes. A huge area is nothing but empty mountains. I would like to see 2-4 more areas with rad zones near small forests pop up before official release. The road doesn’t have to go through it. Let it be kind of a secret rad oasis if you will.

Lastly, the main issue with PvP vs PvE in the game (the issue that keeps everyone from playing PvP) is sleepers. I don’t have a problem logging out and having my body be in my house, but I DO have a problem with my house being “secure” and out of the way with my 50 wood and a pistol only to wake up naked and raided. Why should those who don’t play the game 24/7 be penalized for simply logging out? It makes no real sense.

If someone can ACTUALLY make a safe town on their server where people can feel safe or it would take 20+ people to raid it then that would be awesome, but it will never happen because the system benefits the raiders only right now. If you have a few friends and want to do evil things, this world favors you…and that’s ok in part, but it needs to be in some way fair.

Let players read the names of others up to 50 feet away. At least i can see who’s shooting me some of the time, or know if it’s a known raider walking up with a shotty.
Show who killed you last on the death screen or the screen you wake up on after logging in. Same idea here.
lastly, have a chat setup for just your area…maybe 100feet? The distance of chat. This lets me talk to friends around me without alerting everyone in the area if I don’t have a mic.

Just some suggestions.

Quoted for clarity.

Let me explain this… THE DEVS DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE CIVILIZED OR NOT. That was the purpose of the game… “To SURVIVE AT ALL COSTS.”

Literally translated: “We don’t give two fucks if you run around and gank people who are fresh bambi spawns. Do what you want. We don’t cater to crying girls and bleeding hearts. Learn to play or find a different game”

Its literal in every aspect. If you really think they’re going to implement multiple things to clearly define someone from another… you’re dead wrong. They’re going to implement what they want for testing purposes.

I gather that feedback is welcome and encouraged… but I don’t see anywhere on the forums where it says “crybaby butthurts and madbros welcome.”

It’s straight truth.

Sleepers has been talked about and as far as I’m aware, they’re discussing ways to prevent penalization of people who aren’t currently on the server (logged out) so that way they technically can log in with their stuff. The only thing they wouldn’t log in with is their home if it was raided… and that makes perfect damn sense. I’ve been raided. Shit happens. You learn to deal with it or you cry and piss and moan and eventually your ‘cry wolf’ tactics tend to catch up with you and you’re ignored far more by multitudes of people, not just a few.

It starts at a few, and multiplies quickly.

Balance is a slight issue, we all understand this… They’re also working on boundary area boxes IIRC to prevent people from looting your shit outside your house.

The fact is that people come here and bitch about shit without reading or searching to see if it’s been discussed whatsoever… what are the devs supposed to do? Cater to everyone who bitches? No. They’re using feedback to determine what needs adjustments, and what is a bunch of nonsense spewed by players who want to be catered to… like the vast majority of the MMORPG games communities.

regardless, dying only 5 minutes in too many times is very fucking stupid.

literally zero chance against anyone with a gun

of course being able to choose is good too

Welcome to survival games. The point is to survive. Doesn’t mean unavoidables wont happen and shit wont happen. People need to learn to roll with the punches.

I understand this very much. People will play like greedy tards whether it’s PvP or PvE, this is a fact. In some aspects it’s better to be PvP because you can shoot the jerk stealing your stuff. That said, What chance does one have if raiders come by? I’m not saying “DOWN WITH RAIDING!!” I’m simply saying make it harder to raid. Some noob shouldn’t have to worry about his 200 wood.

I agree with you here. In a lot of ways, this is the only problem I have with the game. There is no way to really feel remotely close to safe unless you go ridiculously far out of your way (10 story tower with doors on every floor). If they solve this, I’m happy and if I get raided it’s my own fault. I just think that you should be able to track down those that raided you. Maybe find a “clue” in your boxes somewhere like "strip of Kevlar with an S and what could be an O on it. So maybe their name starts with an So or maybe it has those letters in the middle. From there you omay see tracks around your house and be able to follow them to rocks or something…but were they raiders or some newbie passing by in the night. This makes the game more immersive AND gives a person a chance to get his/her stuff back. That’s all I’m getting at.

Fucking sleepers has been handled. It’s a server option and if you don’t want to find a safe place to log out at with less risk of being killed, go play on a non-sleepers server. Just like if you are new and dont want to die at the hand of a M4-toting masochist…start on the non-pvp servers and work your way to the big game. For all you new players out there…here is a server progression for you:

1- Non-pvp/non-sleepers/non-raiding
2- Non-sleepers/PVP/Raiding and low player count
3- Sleepers/PvP/Raiding low player count
4- Sleepers/PvP/Raiding high player count

Start looking for servers with these kind of tags and work your way up. Otherwise you will just be lunch meat.

You don’t speak for everyone. In fact, the majority of the people who play Rust know it’s a survival game and they appreciate its core mechanics revolving about brutal survival and not about holding your hand.

There’s always imminent danger. There’s always someone to bash your head in with a rock. There’s always some nude guy who shoots you in the back when you decide to ignore him “because he’s just started out”. There are always people out there waiting for you to log off so they can empty your house.

Deal with it or find another genre of games to play.

That might be true, but this is a survival game, not a Ego-Shooter how a lot of people see it. I started to play on a public Server and got attacked surely 5 times within 30 minutes, all you can do is run away not to get killed, if the maps would be bigger, where you can find a lonely spot, i would agree with that, i played Xsyon for a half year there is open PvP too, but there i got attacked in the half year 5 times!
Killing someone is an option, not the main contend of the game.

This is a PVP game. Suck less please.

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The map will be made significantly bigger in later versions of the game (beta, retail).

Make a bow and arrow. All it needs is some wood, some stone, and some cloth. That takes about 2 minutes to find and another minute to craft.

You excersized one form of survival right there…Running. Hiding is also another great tactic. As well as getting friends together and using strength in numbers, and killing anything that moves. The last is one of the easier ones to use, as firing indescriminantly takes less skill than anything else. But each of these strategies weigh equally against each other when it comes to survival. So in a way…killing someone is part of the main content of the game.

the spawns are fine if you see someone at a distance probably not the best idea to run to them or get close if you do spawn on someone camping a spawn (has happened to me before) you will spawn away all you have to do is click spawn easy as that get someone secluded from every where and that should solve the issue when all else fails bash their head in with a rock

Dump suggestion, and the whole point is to fear other, not a penality for killing people.

It might be a cool feature to add to the game but it would also change a huge dynamic of the game.


try and follow me here, it might make more sense for there to be a tutorial built into the first time you log into the game with tooltip module ( Garry would have to develop)


A starter island where its pve and you can get a feel for the game and the minute you have done X , Y and Z . ( x= made a hatchet , y =have collected 100 wood , z = killed 5 animals )
A screen appears and asks you if you are ready to enter the game. This tutorial island could even be off the coast of Rust Island.

Just ideas


Speak for yourself, not for anyone else. You certainly don’t speak for me.