Rust needs PVE. Pvp is 99% at this point.

So where is the PVE? Is Rust not supposed to be a survival game?

What Rust needs are:

  • More dangerous animals/monsters. The monsters being smarter and stronger. Maybe able to climb into open windows. Sneaking up on you etc

  • Different weathers. Colder, warmer, wind, rain etc

  • A more difficult map. Not just a road in a circle.

  • Bigger radzones.

  • Bigger Rad towns.

  • Caves.

  • A variety of grass and bushes that can’t be removed. It will also help in pvp.

  • A bigger variety of foods with different stats.

  • A medieval Setting would make Rust 100% more fun.

These are a few of my thoughts.

Alpha, stop whining, alpha, stop whining, alpha, stop whining.

This being said. Sure its a survival game and you are surviving, from other players atm.

Did i meantion its an alpha and that this map is a test map? If not: Its an alpha, stop whining. This map is a test map.

And yes, I do agree with you. Give the dev team some time to get sober again. They are still celebrating the 1 million sales. (Blackjack and Hookers)

or join a server with economy + pve zones

you are welcome :wink:

not pure PVE. more difficult overall…

Thanks for the suggestion. But it’s not really what i mean. I’m talking about pve in general. I love the pvp. I want it to be like it is, but i want the pve to be 70% and pvp 30%.

They will add more PVE content later. Until then if you cannot handle pvp play on servers with it disabled, simple as that.

Are you intentionally not contributing anything at all? That is not helpful. Also, anyone bringing any ideas, opinions or suggestion at all is not “whining”.

Some people are starting to notice that currently this is as much a survival game as Halo. Yes that will hopefully change, it’s okay for people to talk about it. With all due respect, shut up.

I can handle it. It’s just that when you got everything, it gets boring very fast. The best part about this game is the startup.

I agree that the game ‘stops’ when you have a big ass metal base along with all the weapons, kevlar and shit you could want. But no matter how hard you make the game in the beginning, lowering the techs, removing military grade equipment, adding harder penalites such as starving, freezing, diseases etc. you will eventually come to the same conclusion as before, its just as it will take more time.
What the developers need to do, is to add something that makes it hard for you even when you are a ‘High level’ player.

I would suggest adding a clan function, read my other thread about this:, where the players will eventually wage war against eachother over resources & territory or somewhat ‘made-up’ reasons such as religion, ideology or any petty reason there is, such as insults.

It would at least prolong the fun-time ingame with some variety and a ‘struggle’ if you will.

Resources will be expanded across the whole map in the future, so you don’t have to hang around the loop road.

Grass is currently able to be disabled because of its performance impact. garry has said he’ll be locking the command to remove grass once it has good performance.

Variety in foods and items will come with time, the game is in alpha.

Caves are being considered, but the way Rust’s map is built makes it hard to open caves into the terrain mesh, so they’re exploring alternatives to get interior spaces in the ground.

How is that different from Counter-Strike with base building?

Now that I can agree with. The start up is what grabbed me the most. I do wish the rest of the game was that difficult and entertaining. The sense of accomplishment felt good.

The game is only about 10% finished. Wait for that “rest of the game” to actually be built. It isn’t there at all right now.

Bunkers please.

Creepy miles-deep bunkers like in Fallout. Where we can hide in dark corners and pounce on fellow explorers.

and its not going there at all right now…


Agreed. Just thinking about the hunger, at the beginning you might almost be starving and later? Tons of food .-.!
Maybe they should add some kind of debuff on the meat from animals (even when cooked), sth annoying like slower walking speed, nausea, or sth else; so on start up you most likely will eat 1st time in the night, when you won’t have too much to do, but will prefer later on the food you find in the abandoned houses / animals’ backpacks, so you won’t have to struggle with debuffs.

Thought it was mentioned by Garry that he wanted the PvP to be a large factor in the survival aspect of the game? After all, the threat of other players is a far greater threat than anything PvE could provide. Players are unpredictable, clever, creative, dangerously patient at times. The environment is static, predictable, easily mastered.

Different weathers. Colder, warmer, wind, rain etc. It’s a good idea. It will make PVE more difficult. Moreover, it will give a positive side, more possibilities for covert movement (camouflage) = more interesting gameplay.

Its been 10% for a while. When I get to point gg (everything done, built, learnt and stockpiled) its deadly boring. Its not survival anymore its who can aim better and has the most backup kit. We need a way to lose loot to the environment and not always get shot by our own bullets.

If they could generate a larger resource drop mesh to enable a wider use of the map that would be awesome. It wont be you vs your neighbour. It would be your hood vs the hood 3km away. You could setup outposts around high traffic points. I think they could expand use of the whole map in two days. I think their main concern is if friends want to meet up running 15km isnt going to be ideal.

It should go without saying that there will be a new map. The standards of the team working on Rust are not that low, and honestly to think that they are is sort of insulting to the team.

The game is not finished, and it probably wont be for quite a while. It might be in development for a year more even, so just give the devs some time. The game has only been in public alpha for a bit over two months.