Rust needs the ability as a player to mute other players

I’m sick a tired of people complaining about “Global Chat being too toxic”, If you can’t handle chat then turn it off, end of story, You don’t need chat to play the game.

But if a player doesn’t want to hear from a certain person in global but at the same time wants to see global chat for either recruiting or slaving then he or she doesn’t have to see that person talk in chat.

It would make server admins jobs a lot easy because they won’t have to deal with so many abuse or what ever reports from the toxicity that is global chat.

I do understand that this is a game and you are never going to meet these people IRL so who cares what they say over a video game.

After all this is rust, it’s impossible not to have toxicity, it’s a survival game, happens in any game. People will be dicks, people will shit talk, people will troll. It’s just the nature of the game

I’m suggesting this as for the small minority of people who complain about it and don’t like it.

seems like a harmless addition that offers a choice to players that would affect nobody except would-be trolls negatively. good idea

There exists plugins for just this (chat only):

I only picked this one, as its the latest updated (and the one I use on my server), there is a few others as well.

I’m talking more in the line of vanilla rust, it wouldn’t hurt to have it for modded though

That was impossible to know, but sadly I dont know about any options there.

Anyways, a hardcoded muting system from the developers, that also works for voice would be perfect and always work, compared to a plugin that needs to be updated reguarly.

If it’s posted on this site, it’s pretty obviously about vanilla rust. FacePunch and most of the regulars on these forums only care about the vanilla rust experience. This is not the place to discuss mods and plugins, the oxide forums are.

But in reply to the op I think this is a great idea. But I think it should only be possible to mute someone in global chat, you shouldn’t be able to mute their actual voice if they’re speaking in voice chat and are nearby.

There is plenty of talk about mods, I will assume that you just ignore threads about modded/community servers when its not interesting for you, however - these forums are for the game, in whatever condition it comes in.

They could be spamming useless shit though, I.e. troll music or just being abuse, some people might find that offensive

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Agreed, but I was indeed talking about the base game which the developers are developing which is vanilla, it would help modded too.

back in legacy when you blocked someone in steam you werent able to see what he did write in chat maybe thats still a thing.

they have the feature already. Someone spamig your mic??
Shoot them in the head. enjoy the quiet once again

But really there is a chat box off. But something like single a player out. Idk about that

Any reason why?

I can’t think of another multiplayer game that doesn’t let you selectively mute that one fucking idiot who is giving you grief.

tf2 style client side muting seems most appropriate. let me opt out of hearing spam.

No, there is not plenty of talk about mods in this forum hahaha wtf? And in the very few posts that are about mods, those people are usually told to go post in the oxide forums.
I dunno about you, but I scroll through these forums at the very least once a day, and talk about mods and such are very minimal here, you’re a bit dillusional mate.

turn chat off… its global … all or nothing … deal with it

I did not know tf2 had a chat blocker. I have never seen that. But I don’t play it too lol
I heard of voice chat blocker but that’s pretty much it