Rust - new ideas to add to the game, add more if there are any

Hi Guys,

Here are a few suggestions for the devs of Rust, please take a look and add more if you can think of anything.

  1. Add Vehicles to the game, but make it extemely difficult to make! E.g. Trucks, Dirt bikes, Quad bikes and Buggy (aka pipe cars).
  2. Create an area for noobs/ fresh spawners only, so that they can at least be safe from the other players while they are gathering their basic resources. Only allow a few items to make (no weapons allowed).
  3. Bring in a trading/banking system, where users have a safe way of trading resources e.g. 10000 wood or 5000 stone for 1000 metal fragments.
  4. Bring in tools that can be use to dig in to the ground and make ditches, and also be able to pile that sand elsewhere to make mounds.
  5. Be able to make TNT to blow up the very big rocks for resources.
  6. Alchemy, make poison and sleep potions that can be used on arrows and spear. Healing potions, extra stamina (add stamina element).
  7. Add in more animals that are only in certain areas. E.g. Elephants, Lions and antelope in the plains. Mountain lion and llamas and goats in the mountains.

Best Regards,

2+3 already exist, but on modded servers. Totally new players get a brief grace period (not much, but its’ something at least) and have a rudimentary UI for trading items w/o going directly over to the player+dropping items.

  1. Vehicles already planned or being worked on
  2. No because then you’d get people camping outside of this area waiting for them to leave and it takes away from the sandbox environment
  3. No, handheld social interaction yet again takes away from the encouraged sandbox environment. Where is the risk? I find trading resources to be the first steps in determining the relationship with other players/groups.
  4. Good idea, really hope it is implemented
  5. Sure, why not? Though TNT should be quite expensive to make.
  6. No
  7. Yes yes yes!

Sup guys, thanks for the feedback glad to hear vehicles are being looked at.
I hope the devs see this, I would really like to see this game become the biggest and best game ever!

I would also like to see more biomes with different kind of flora/fauna and resource availability
What comes to mind:

  • Jungle
  • Volcanic
  • Snow (that were removed for some reason)
  • Swamps

one thing id really like to see is the ability to have a wider range of attachments for you weapons like a

  1. 4x scope you can add to the bolt action
  2. a laser sight you can get from airdrops that can be mounted on the assault rifle
  3. a military base you can raid and find mass amounts of weapons or ammo supposing you can get in
  4. more biomes to explore (jungle tundra swamps volcanos so on and so forth)
  5. the ability to make tnt (at an extremely expensive price)
    6.dig ditches and make piles of sand or what have you
  6. id also like to see more things to build and more weapons
    lastly id like to see the ability to raise animals and breed them for food

Hi Guys,

This is an updated list of all your stuff with updates and a little extra that I added:

F.Y.I. This should be added to the main development branch NOT mods.

  1. Add Vehicles to the game, but make it extemely difficult to make! E.g. Trucks, Dirt bikes, Quad bikes, Buggy (aka pipe cars), jet skis, boats and submarines etc.
  2. Bring in tools that can be use to dig in to the ground and make ditches, and also be able to pile that sand elsewhere to make mounds.
  3. Be able to make TNT to blow up the very big rocks for their resources, or blow out a large check of sand to make an underground base.
  4. Have more environments: Jungle, volcanic, snow and tundra on the ground (snow currently only exists on top of mountains), swamps, coral reefs next to beaches.
  5. Add in more animals that are only in certain areas. E.g. Elephants, Lions, snakes and antelope in the plains. Mountain lions, llamas and goats in the mountains. Hippos, crocs and fish in the rivers and dams. Tigers, monkeys, snakes and birds in the forests. Etc etc etc…
  6. Have younger versions of animals and be able to capture the young/eggs and raise them for food later on.
  7. More different kinds of trees and plants to gather fruit and veg from, maybe be able to cook/make actual recipes like soups, salads, stews etc.
  8. Ability to do large scale planting of crops as in farming and drive tractors and harvesters etc.
  9. More add ons for weapons, e.g. better sights, silencers change of calibre, customize weapons with colour and pictures.
  10. Bring back the straight stairs when not building on foundation i.e. upper levels.
  11. Add more basic weapons, i.e. blow guns with normal, poison and tranq darts, modern bows (compound), slingshot. Make rifles much more difficult to obtain and make.
  12. Make savage/primitive NPCs that try raid you with basic weapons or at least make them have places that can be raided for resources. P.S. they should look half ape-like (Neanderthals) to identify them from players.
  13. Noob area that is not visible on map but acts like a seperate island that cannot be reached from other players and when they enter the world they spawn with their stuff in an ampty area away from other players.
  14. Make a banking/trading systems that would work by going to a safe zone a.k.a. a bank, how you get there is up to you, but the stuff cannot be stolen from the bank. Players trade with the bank so the bank should by default have unlimited resources to trade with but a fixed trade amount system.
  15. Be able to create a railway system, between bases or allies or whatever. Have stations where the carts/engine stops and goes from, need coal and water to make it run.
  16. Be able to build elevators that can make you go up and down very tall buildings structures.

Kind Regards,

Garry get in here! Please! :slight_smile:

good ideas guys:

  1. agree with tnt, ditch / piles, SIMPLE vehicles i.e. pushbike, biomes, animals in certain areas, farming
  2. dont agree with grace period /zone for noobs (am a noob), or trading without being f2f
  3. i think the poison arrow idea could work but the rules would have to be in a way that didn’t mean 1 guy with a bow could screw up a gang - but would be great for hunting and people without BPs

i think:

  1. be able to gather and plant seeds, possible cross-pollinate to make different plants - i.e. a hemp farm for cloth, but cross hemp with something to make stronger material
  2. makeshift boat / canoe
  3. fishing rod
  4. night vision goggles - too advanced?
  5. bigger small stashes

about it for now… great game… please sort out the crashing issues since devblog 92

Showstopper bug: armored doors open the wrong direction as implied by hinge placement

Can’t you take the door off and place it again the other way around?

I want to see a WOODEN/METAL BICYCLE!!!

Made of metal fragments, wood an cloth/leather!

My number suggestion.

Weapons that are equipped on the hotbar should be visiable. Rifles strapped to back, pistol at hip, and melee weapons hanging from some sort of belt. I don’t like that naked people can take advantage of this mechanic and can hide guns inside their anus. Weapons should be visible at all times, not be pulled out from thin air. How are you suppose to anticipate if a person poses a threat to you?

Also, the ability to stand down, be restrained and frisked would be a cool addition. That way you can take peoples guns without wasting bullets, not be paranoid that people have hidden weapons etc.

But, I doubt i’ll ever live to see that. People seem to hate my ideas. :slight_smile:

You most certainly can.

Create steam engines requiring coal to make electricity

naked chicks

Oh Yeah. GREAT SUGGESTION :slight_smile:

Crouch toggle would be realy nice :slight_smile:

Also a autorun toggle, and the posebility to chat while you’re running around would be nice.

Lying down would be epic for bolt sniping :smiley: