Rust (New Server) - Recomended place to list and spam my server?

several of the Rust Server sites seem dated.

I am trying to get population up for my Central US Texas (Lonestar) server using the same seed as the FP Texas Server (25)


Why would you want to spam it?

to build the population “spam” as in post it many places - vs ‘spam’ from Monte Python skit

Not here. Mods will either remove your post or ban you from the forum (in my experience).

Try places like, and reddit. I believe there is also a subforum on steam for servers.

Good luck, populating servers is a bitch.

I would not reccomend reddit, I was banned for server advertisiment there.

That’s because there’s a specific subreddit for servers @ - Advertise it there.

Oh good to know, thanks man.