!Rust New Update! PLZ HELP... Own Server

This is sooo weird and annoying. Plz help or give me a solution! Really need it :slight_smile:

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Also Look at the weapons duration number! Insane! :slight_smile:

This is an Oxide issue, not a Rust issue. Simple solution is remove oxide.

It was like that on the server I play on, I think it’s because the client is updated but not the server.
Is your server updated? Can you craft a repair bench?

So I’m not the only one having this Issue?

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I cant craft a repair bench. My providers is Nitrous-Networks and they told me that they got the current update. Updated with Oxide 1.16b.

I had the same issue.
Admin updated everything and restartet the server. Now everything’s working just fine.

Strange, because I also updated everything I could update :confused:

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Also No One can see my server in Rust… They can only connect by doing the net.connect… This update ARGHH :slight_smile:

Did you restart the server? Dumb question, I know…
All I can say is: Since our admin updated and restartet (two times) the server, everything works fine.

I play on Krebs’ server, also hosted by Nitrous Networks…

Yes I restarted the server more than two times :slight_smile: But I can see that i cannot craft the repair bench which means there is something wrong :confused: And I’m sure that I got Oxide 1.16b. Mhmmmm?

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Mhmm so no Solution? :slight_smile:

Maybe post your problem in the Oxide thread, or maybe on their forums…
at the very least don’t post it in the main Rust forums…

How to update your server’s Rust ver and Oxide version:
Shutdown / stop server
Uninstall Oxide
steam update
reinstall Oxide
Start server
Wait for it to completely start up
Login > test Rust chat command /version (Should be 1.16b / latest)
If it isn’t then you got a problem with your host not providing the latest version.
If everything works without any plugins start installing them
Best to do it in small batches or one at a time.

How to install an Oxide plugin:
download the plugin.lua to your pc
Stop server
upload the plugin.lua to the “plugins” folder
Start server
login test to insure it’s working
stop the server
Check logs for errors.
If no errors then> change configs > start server> Test and Retest
if Errors > Check with plugin creator or do what the error calls to do, for instance install Oximin if it calls for it.

Okay sry about that :slight_smile: Will post it at the right Forum then.


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Attackdog 1 last question!.. If I delete Oxide and reinstall it, will I lose the plugins, save games etc?