Rust New Update

Do you guys knew somethink about that? it has been 1-2 months without update

They’re working on a new version of the game that will be much better than the current one. The build in use now will be abandoned. You can find out what the devs are up to here: , if not at the main website here:

Hope that helps

it will be at least another 2 months without an update. lots of stuff is happening, but still not getting finalised, or polished.

There will be no updates.
The new version is updated everyday on the other hand and you might get notified when it’s playable.

update? in rust? :C LEL

Update would only be nice if it doesn’t mean a wipe. But other than that, there should be anti-ddos protection or better servers; but just use the latest backup save of the data on these servers and transfer it over to the bigger ones so there’s no need for a wipe.

I heard from people there gonna be a update today or tomorrow… i dont belive that but i gonna wait.

Kid trolls have been saying that every single day 5-10x a day on every single server. There’s not an update any time soon.

you have to wait another month for an update imo cuz the physic is fucked up, no crafting, animations aren’t good, 3rd person is a pain in the ass ( thanks for wasting time doing this useless thing…), items aren’t there.

a wipe would be the best and would be necessary to put the new major update in… i mean imagine people that already have the materials for rocket launcher (probably will be 70-100? lqm or something? no idea) there’s already people out there that can make 10 of them or 20 of them with their alliance if thats the cost to make it, and there will be in the next months too when(if) the update will come… it would be incredible unfair to the new players to be the experiments of what the rocket launcher can do… i got huge stack of resources, and some people got much more… but me personally i dont care if i lose it for the major update so we can all start fair and square…

Are you not aware that the Experimental build is a completely different version of Rust? All servers will be demolished entirely when it is time for servers to switch.

Absolutely everything will be erased and lost from the old servers. Admin could abuse powers to give themselves items, but no backups will be even slightly compatible.

it WILL be different indeed… not gonna say its different cause of some lakes a 3rd person camera mode and swimming… people need to see more to say “its different” and i dont mean to see the changes only in the photos around…

a complete erase IF (i prefer IF not WHEN here actually) the major update will be released will be the best ^^

From what I understood, the old Rust will never be updated anymore. It will remain as is, for people who would like to keep on playing it.

The new version is updated every day. And one day it’s gonna be more advanced than the old Rust. This day, everyone will be informed it would be time to switch…