Rust News!

Hello guys,

I just uploaded another Rust news video. I post these regularly aswell as videos covering patches and tutorials. If you’d be interested in watching these things then check it out :dance:

Unfortunately I’m sick at the moment, so my voice will be a little bit different in this video.

Also, any kind of feedback on my videos is always appreciated. If there’s something you think I should do differently in the future, please tell me!

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Farming! we’re going to need a bigger map!

Yea, exactly! :rolleye:

Farming, as in, fruits and vegetables? Sorry bros but I’m content with dat protein. I’m making enormous gains with chicken breast. Do you guys even lift?

Farming: PASS


I’m gonna be growing dat weed bro

how do they suppose you are going to protect your farms from people just destroying them? Will you have to wall off your entire farm ? and then pillar around that wall so people can’t build up?

Well, I guess those resources will be spawning every few minutes or so (just like regular resources I guess). You’d just have to be sure that people stay off the grass :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure, that’s a good point. I’m sure they’ll work something out. They always do.

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Maybe you’re just going to have to keep your M4 close while farming your carrots and potatoes :zoid: