Rust Nightmare Fuel - Skin Competition Thread


Winners announcement!

Thanks a ton to everyone who entered!


" First of all super awesome work by everyone single one of you. I’m in awe by how many and how creative all the submissions have been. Truly this has to be one of the best communities I have seen in a early access game, so thank you again for being a part of it.

Now to the more important stuff. We judges are currently in the voting process so the big prize winner should be announced soon, but I can’t say the exact time because we might do a video to spice things up a bit, we will hurry.

The Public voting is officially starting now and go for 24 hours. Go to this link

Write a comment with the skin name and workshopper you like the most. This is the easiest way to do a public vote with all the contributions. If I missed a skin please tell me so. People can vote 1 time/1 comment. And workshoppers can’t vote on their own stuff. I hope this makes sense.

Peace and stay Rusty.


Welcome to the first Rust Workshop Community Event: Rust Nightmare Fuel.

Halloween is upon us and what better way than have a friendly competition. We wanna see the awesome community come together and be creative and spooky. This is the first, but hopefully not the last skin competition.

There will be two prizes given, one selected by a panel of judges (judges: Abracadaniel, Baka, kf.hammond), and a second prize determined by a public vote. The winner of the judge prize will receive $100 USD via PayPal. The winner of the public votes will get some awesome skins from the store. The winners will be announced on the 23th October. More info will follow.

This thread will be used for submitting your entries, but also feel free to use this thread to ask questions, post concepts, show progress on skins, ask for critiques, etc.

The rules are simple:

Entries must be uploaded and be in order by the 22th October.

The skins must be halloween themed.

You can use any mesh you want, submit as many entries as you want, entries need to be posted in this thread or the Rust Workshop Community thread, as well as be public on the workshop.

You must use the official community psd overlay in your workshop icon:

Download PSD here

You must have a link to this thread or the Rust Workshop Community thread in your skin’s description in the workshop.

Please spread the word!
Good luck and have fun fellow workshoppers!

Fuck yes, this is an awesome idea !

Thanks, excited to see what you come up with.

Love the art. :slight_smile:

I like the idea

Thanks! Took several tries to get that pumpkin to land perfectly on the box after dropping it from my inventory… :smiley:

A cool little video to help spread the word!


Awesome video SGTSolj, Thanks for helping to spread the word!

Awesome guys great job getting people to be more creative. This may also help the rust community come together a bit.

Working on a generic halloween shirt. Don’t know if I have to add more details or keep it simple.

Creepy Jack

Pumpkin Smile a really basic shirt, I have no idea… Will improve it maybe…

I’m not sure how to do something on the workshop… how do you download the 3d models? I just kinda photoshopped this together.

Check out this guide!

Sleeping Horror

Comment please[/t]


Monster Bandana

this i s my balaclava!107&authkey=!ALLVNiJ1HW9JdSs&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

vote for it please[/t]

Spider Web Shirt[/t]

Zipper Face

That is awesome.