Rust, not just a game.

I have some tough about this and I’d like to know what do you think.

As all of you know ( I promise you that I must likely know this and been taking it for years I play rust) Rust have two types of players: PVP or PVE.

PVP is more likely Kosing people, in another word “Assholes"Unfriendly"Killing people without no reason” and more.
PVE is more like “Friendly"Let’s gather together"Let’s be friends”. The opposite of PVP players.

Now, my opinion on rust is that basically, rust shows what true man you are. If your a good guy which is more PVE player, or an asshole which is PVP player. I take rust not only as a game, as a whole social experiment.

I’d like to know what you think, if its more likely a social experiment that shows the true intention of every player or just a game.

Association fallacy.

It kinda goes like this:
Geared guy sees naked:
1.Naked could be armed and dangerous.
2.Naked could have valuable resources.

Naked sees geared guy:
1.Geared guy has weapons and armor
2.Geared guy could have expensive resources like rockets or C4

Naked sees naked:
(Same as geared guy sees naked)

Geared guy sees geared guy:
(Same as naked sees geared guy)

The problem is that there are more advantages to killing people and taking their stuff then being friendly to them, there are little to no consequences (unlike the real world) for killing someone.

Everybody can be a dick if they’re on the internet. In real life they wouldn’t scream to someone who is walking faster than another:“YOU’RE A HACKER!!!” (and then comes the swearing). So no, you could not say that it can be seriously called a social experiment.

There are a lot of people who are very friendly after a BP wipe. They cannot harm anyone and they really rely on others who have some interesting bp’s. After some time when they got their AK or bolt they will become instantly a KOSer just to troll others and get themselves the must fun of the game.

I think that being PvP or PvE really depends on your current state. Whether you are able to do things or not.

Just be real yourself. You have all kind of wooden doors around you. You have just gotten the flamethrower and a 2k low grade fuel. What would you do? (that would more be an experiment I guess! xD)

Honesty I Change one day I’m moeing down nakeds with an M249 next day I’m giveing them gear.
And if they make me laugh I let them live

Genuinely lol’d at this. Idea for a youtube video right there! :smiley:

I see where the OP is coming from, but yes, it’s really just a game. You can be who you want to be, there **aren’t **any rules.
KOS isn’t a rule, being friendly isn’t a rule - Rust is what you make of it, you play as the persona you feel like playing as.

I like the social aspect to the game, myself.
IMO, If you bring more than just dumb-outright KOS to the table, then I think that is to be commended.

Well, I just want to know your point of view because, after a bp wipe or not, you still can be a dick (Which still happend with a lot of people) I don’t believe that people are bad. But I do believe that there is something inside them that want to do whatever they choice within be a PVP player or PVE. If your one of them, you stick to them, no matter what the circumstances. Also, myself have been experiment it. I’ve been naked for a while in rustafied, and when I had a gear and bolts and guns I still didn’t killed people for nothing. But something struggle inside me to actulley KOS. Everybody is struggling with something though. Question is, what are you want to be. Rust gave you the tools to survive, depends on you what to do with them, Within be a friendly and go gather resources and maybe create a town or just be an asshole and kill everybody and take their loot.

My aspect of view, its most likely a social experiment but also a game of course.

Just a game” isn’t an excuse for poor sportsmanship. If a group of people were playing basketball at the park, shooting them with a paintball gun every time they went to make a shot couldn’t be excused by, “it’s just a game.” It’s only just a game when everyone is playing the same game.

“Sorry brah. It’s not my fault you’re you’re trying to play golf while I’m playing golf club helicopter. Chill dude, it’s just a game.”

No, I believe you’ve taken what I said the wrong way and a little bit to heart. I wasn’t saying it was just a game as an excuse, I was saying it is just a game as opposed to a social experiment, nothing more.

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To put what I’ve said previously in better context; in my 800 odd hours playing rust, I’ve never killed on sight. I kill people who try to KOS me, that’s much, **much **more satisfying.

I play it as a social thing to meet people I don’t know and have a laugh with them. I play with extreme caution (lol) and a goal of making allies; I personally don’t see the need in KOS when you have a server full of 80% people who will try and KOS - take their stuff instead, much more rewarding imo.