Rust not launching after todays update

Well get today’s update. It installs then I launch rust nothing happens I’ve restarted my system twice still not working.

They finally got it right! Seriously mate, after running rust and shutting it down my PC goes bonkers. Won’t shut down. Programs wont work. I love this game, but something has to be done.

Looks like the client side update is out (game in steam) but not the server side update. Rcon has been barking at me for an hour about there being an update on the server but it’s not yet listed in my console for installation.

Since we usually do the quality assurance on these releases, I’d sit tight and hope for a hotfix to whatever is causing your issue.


Through steamcmd, even with all the files deleted it just “reconfigure”

Edit : From my side seems that my host had some issue with the network + steam login server down. Finally all works fine