Rust not launching on steam.

Hello, I recently BootCamped my MacBook Pro 2010 (Late Ed) to Windows 7 64bit.

I backed up the Mac version of rust and then used it on my Windows partition, everything went smooth & it backed up fine
and then when i went to ‘Play’ the game the following error showed up:

So I’ve done the following:
-Verified Game Cache = No errors/problems
-Restarted steam = no updates
-Put game into Dev branch = no updates (weird)

Here are some screenshots :



3- (I thought this was the main Image you needed to see)

   This is the beginning of the output_log file

I can upload any screenshots of any error files you need but please help me I would download the game but i have 40kb/s average!
Thanks in advance for your help!

Ok I think I have found the problem.
It might be due to the fact that windows is not detecting my 330M Video Card.

So I’m gonna download the NVIDIA drivers tonight and see how it goes.
I still would like some professional help if it’s not too much since I’m rubbish with windows.