Rust not loading any servers?

Why is it not loading any servers? I have tried re-installing the game. Verifying integrity of game cache. But it still shows nothing.

Someone please HELP!!! :frowning:

Here is a screen shot of it.

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Please help me!!!

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reinstall rust, or verify game integrity. Happens to me all the time

It didn’t work. Once again I tried! Help!!! please

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I really need help please!!!

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Check again now there was a problem with the steam auth servers that might have been your problem.

are you connected to the internet?

Of course I am I would not be posting this if I wasn’t. Please help! :(((((

No thats not the case I tried yesterday and today help! :frowning:

Uninstall the game, log out of steam, then log-in, istall the game and should be fine. I had the same problem, done that, and worked.