rust not playable on some laptops

So yesterday I posted a thread how I was having an issue on my lap top when I was on rust I could not see the options crafting or any text for that matter. So I got onto my desktop and I saw everything I was not seeing on my laptop. Also some people on lap tops were posting on my thread they had the same issue. I would just like to point that out maybe rust just does not fully support laptops at this moment. :<

any more diagnostic information?

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like maybe what laptops

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or operating systems

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or browsers

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or graphics cards

My laptop is having an issue of where anytime I attempt to launch the game, the Unity Web Player will crash.

I end up here:

Everytime it will finish at 100% before Unity crashes and shows this:

My Laptop Specs:

HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC
Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.2GHz
64-bit OS
and I have Windows 7 Home Premium

GPU Specs:
Name: Intel® HD Graphics Family
Chip Type: Intel® HD Graphics Family
DAC Type: Internal
Approx. Total Memory: 1696 MB

If you host images using imgur, you can make them show up in forum posts.

or any image host

I use a custom screenshot script that will upload them directly to a web server. Makes sharing screenshots much easier.

My laptop is fujitsu
8gb ram
Intel HD ® 4000
Is Win 8
It runs just it does not run properly

That’s not true, it just links you to a web page.

Here’s the screenies.[/t]

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that isn’t imgur

Is it really that much of a pain to click on a single link? If so… I’ll just make sure I put the images directly onto the post from now on.

use [noparse][/noparse] if it’s a small image or [noparse]

[/noparse] if it’s a big one


[/noparse] works too.

As stated many times before,your gpu is integrated!!!Unity doesn’t support integrated graphics cards…

Why can’t technology just work once for me… -_-

buy a good laptop with a real graphics card then

My laptop is good for what it’s used for. Maybe Unity should allow for Integrated GPUs, then I wouldn’t be having this problem.

Get a better laptop and you wouldn’t be having this problem either.

Tumblr is almost the same as imgur in showing images.

This isn’t imgur or tumblr. You’re still wrong.