rust not starting up

rust is downloading the game files to the cache but not opening is this for every one?


me too.


me too… :\

Same here. We’ll just have to wait…

it hasn been ddosed look at the post i made

same problem.

Same here. Any other browsers other than Firefox and Chrome working?

Guys, it’s been DDOSed…

Its not ddos attacks that makes it crash.

If it’s been under a DDOS atack - how the hell there are 500+ players playing?

Crying wolf again i see. Sorry that you cannot play right now, but really I am on the server and if you face north you start getting input lag because the occlusion is not working correctly or something else i don’t know.
You have waited for more than 5 minutes and not closed the application when Google says it crashes, right?

why cant i play rust i keep crashign when the game finish downloading

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why cant i play rust i keep crashign when the game finish downloading:suicide:

Same issue.

No, I thought it wasn’t working at first either. It’s all the rocks and crap they added are really pushing the browser to it’s limits. After all the download bars stop and you get the grey page with Gary’s logo on it, JUST SIT AND WAIT. After about 2-3 minutes the game will pop up. It took me a few tries to figure this out…

I wish I could. I mean , I’m getting an Unity crash error and many people aswell. If anyone knew a way to fix the crash…

Same here… maybe because I am on a Mac? Or is this also happening to PC users?

Oh you’re actually crashing eh? Well that sucks, like I said I can tell it’s pushing my stuff to the limit, dunno if the new rocks are eating up a bunch of memory or what but that’d be my guess. Maybe it’s eating up too much of your RAM…
Crashing out sucks, sorry I can’t be of much help there but for anyone like me that thought it was just freezing up, just wait it out and it should eventually load.

PC Users aswell.