Rust not updating

got a problem where rust wont download any update data thru steam. it just sits in the download bit not doin anything.

Does Steam say “Disk status: Busy” when it doesn’t download? If so, that’s why; reboot and try again.

Also, change your CDN location: Steam > View > Settings > Downloads > Download region

Change the dropdown to basically anything else (obviously, the closer the better).

Disk status busy ive delt with b4. Tried the CDN location but that didn’t help either.
So ive tried a restart, verifying cache but the download just doesn’t start happening.

Have you rebooted anyway?

im having the same problem, rebooted, validated game files, changed the CDN, tried to reinstall it just hangs on downloading updates then eventually gives me the time out error.

Try switching to the development version (in the Betas tab of Rust properties). Yeah, you don’t want to play the development branch, you want to play the main branch, but if the development branch download works and the pending update doesn’t, it’s a problem on Steam’s end.

If they both don’t download, it’s probably still something on Steam’s end, but conceivably it could be something with your computer.

Also, switch back off development after you try this unless you want to stay on it and deal with update downloads every time the devs make an update and upload the new version to Steam (10-30 times a day).

Tried a reinstall but connection times out for the install.

It was weird, I could play using the exe file but it would disconnect me every 2 minutes.
I Just cant seem to download anything for rust atm, other games have updated today so its not a problem there.
Cant install legacy or dev mode either.

Re-install legacy mode worked after a second attempt. Should be okay now im getting download again.
Experimental still not downloading.

Well its time to give up on rust.

Or you could try again tomorrow. Running RustClient.exe directly will cause you to get kicked quickly from any server that has security enabled, because you’re not launching EAC first. Run Rust.exe directly to have it start EAC and then pass control to Rust itself.

Try shutting down Steam, deleting clientregistry.blob (in the Steam folder), and then running Steam as administrator.

I tried the beta option that didnt work i also tried the above options they didnt work either.

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ok i got it to work by changing the server location from the nearest(Australian servers )to Ireland

really?!?!?! wtf an irish server, im in oz
well that has done the trick. Thanks for the help guys!!! I play on the Brisbane love dungeon if ya wanna say ello

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