Rust not working / anti cheat wrong on windows 10 ?

[EDIT] : Just got back to Windows 8.1, same problem. I’m on development branch.

I installed windows 10 technical preview this morning, I played a few games, all fine. But when I launch Rust I get this :

I tried to delete and reinstall Rust but same problem.
Is the anti cheat wrong with Windows 10 ?

(I can still go back to Windows 8.1 if I need)

Same problem here on Win 8.2

the same problem O.o

But i have win 7 ultimate.

The problem born with the last patch 7,2 mb

Yep dev branch has EAC mismatch for me to,

Windows 7 getting the mismatch trying to run dev branch as well. Tried everything I can think of to get it to work.

I know what the problem is. Your trying to play an alpha state game on an alpha state operating system and are expecting it to work.

Just give it some time for garry to fix, that is the dev branch after all.

Verify your game files in steam