Rust - Offline Base Protect Factor

Hi Facepunch / Fellow Gamers

As a long-term player of Rustralasia it has become clear that who grinds wins.
Now I’m ok with that because if you want to put in the work you deserve a monster base and box full of AK’s

The issue I have is with the amount of people staying up all night just to wait for whoever they want to raid to go to bed so there is no fight and they can pick for hours.
I’m aware that offline raiding is a part of the game and so it should be, But I don’t think it should be as easy as it currently is.

I propose an “Offline Base Protect Factor”
Similar to the decay system buildings/items know when they are being used due to doors being opened in that area. (or something like that)
I depose that when a base has not had doors opened for say 30min (or even an hour) it knows that no one is using it and the hit points of the walls and doors increase.
To maybe x1.2 or even x1.5 the original strength? A factor that doesn’t make a base “un-raidable” but makes it less appealing.

Then when a player logs back in (hopefully to find everything how it was left) opens a door or even a chest the “Protection Factor” is removed and its back to normal
I do think with a balanced system like this it will promot online raiding and increase the fun factor of big rust servers.
This will also make rust for people with real world commitments like jobs and health sleep paturns more playable.

That’s my 2cents.

Cheer Django


Can you explain more?

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No. Many variations of exactly this have already been suggested. All have gotten pretty much the same response. No, it removes freedom and takes away a massive part of what rust is.

Don’t wanna be offline raided? build a better or smarter base… Or failing that, go play on a lower pop server.

There is so much you can to against raiders in this game, Floors/ Walls Doorways metalsheet and they wont be able to pick properly, use some high externals and dont build massive and not a single fuck will raid you.

No, learn to hide your loot and use logic.

I once made an area full of 1x1’s (all empty), only 2 were ever blown open and all i had to do was repair them.

You should also read up on hidden loot rooms.Make a small 2x2 and then put a cupboard, sleeping bag, shelves and 2 large chests in the spot where you would only put in your cupboard and close it off, you can then push a chest though the wall from the other side and spawn inside the loot room to transfer your loot to your closed off chests.

There are so many ways to hide loot in rust, usually making stuff not worth the c4 is the best way to protect your loot.

You right! I fucking hate offline raiders, it’s always the guy sniping from his window all day is always the one to raid me offline. But you anti offline raid solution we’ll never get approved becuase like it how we want but offline raid is part of the game :frowning:

I’m still waiting for more traps.

So when I’m crafting gp and afk for 30+mins, I’ll get increased defenses simply because I haven’t used a door? Time to go back to the drawing board…