Rust Offline Mode

Alright so i’m sure we’re all tired of these attacks and lag on servers.
So I suggest why not make a Rust Offline Mode?
That way while the developers fix issues on servers we can play on our own little personal Rust world.
It kind of would make sense, It still gives us the ability to play Multiplayer on the Developers servers but when there are issues we can do our own little free building without worry of grief or lag.
It couldn’t possibley be that difficult to make an Offline Mode since all of the worlds are the same and 80% of games already have this function.
Does anyone else agree with me or think this is a good Idea?

Waste of dev time imo.

I think it would be boring as hell.

Hm… Rust offline? Sounds like a minecraft xD

I would only find it useful to test building structures, but thats all…
I just want the server files to be public.

Gives you the ability to explore new area’s on the map for future home placement and best loot spawning areas whilst not worrying about being killed or attacked while away. And it gives you something to do Rust related while the games down.

I’ve already done all that. After the first time around there really isnt anything much left to look at.

True but like I said its just something to do whilst the games down or going through a server fix. Who knows maybe when the games fully released there will be a ton more items and new regions and the Mode would come in handy for Building testing.

The only reason I would use this or can see anyone using this would be to test out base building, and to get to know the map without risk of players. But I don’t think its a good idea.

You Know The Idea of an Offline mode would just be super awesome for South African Players at the moment too , we have to put up with really high pings and lag jumps and all kinds of nasty business if the Devs could make Offline mode/ Lan Party maybe that would be fantastic


To Test Buildings it would be nice, but it´s not very funny to play completly alone.

I’m not opposed to a single player mode per se.
I’d just rather they focused on fixing the uLink exploit rather than wasting time on an additional mode right now.

Minecraft SP was fun, so if some features could be addedd… rust sp would be great too.

Good idea in my opinion, helpful for different types of builds if people want to test if it’s a good build or not, or for new players they can run through the map to see where everything is. You can find good places to build, the best looting places, and if the servers are lagging or down, you can chill on that world for a while, plus if LAN was implemented for your single player world you and some mates could play. Personally I find there many reasons to implement this, but for starters, I think they should sort the multiplayer out first, as most people have already started there, as well as it’s much funner on multiplayer and it’s a based multiplayer game. Right now the devs + whoever else is fixing the server issues need all their focus on that really, rather than working on another project, maybe they could dispatch someone to have a start on a single player version, or maybe add it to some kind of in the future list. All in all, this should be implemented at least in the near future.

For some reason with the DoS going on people want a single player… But that would take effort and that effort could be directed and fixing the DoS problem + If i was soo addicted to this game that I would play an MMO survival game single player I would simply turn my computer off and go outside

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Maybe in the future but why have single player in an mmo alpha? Maybe to test bugs yeh… but, you find the best bugs when you’re not looking :wink:

Offline Single Player or Multiplayer (LAN) In Rust My kind of thing

You could always just host your own server. SInce most people have routers only you can access it.

Just pick a server with no one on it. It would be like being by yourself
. That way when a tree falls in the forest, nobody hears.