Rust on a Macbook Air

Is it possible?


anything is possible

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rust on a macbook air

hey asshole, why did you mark my post as dumb?

Cause it is.

mom and dad please stop fighting

but yoouuu had to be the funny guy and say ‘no’!!! whose the dumber guy around?? huh???

it’s dumb cause I’m asking a question? go troll somewhere else shitwad.

man this thread really rustles my jimmies…

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rust-les. haha!

i admit it it’s me and the OP :v: jk OP your not dumb just your choice of posts.

It might be possible to run on a macbook air

fuk u ima go kil miself

quality 2013 post

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i swer to god if u makr my post as dumb oen more timm

Buy a real laptop. Notebook gaming don’t cut it unless you\re playing games from 10 years ago

ok heres the reason i Rated dumb---- it runs on macs and newer stonger laptops “Oooooo ok eldertbone i sorry, i didnt read what it runs on”:suicide:

well im soryr im not a nerd lik u

Oh dear, I don’t even think a proper answer was given here.

Yes, it runs on any new Mac OS version with the Unity extension for browsers on mac.

Well this thread turned into “Shitpost only” real quick.

Edit: I might as well try to stay on topic. It should run fine on lower settings but there have been some that has been having troubles with the shadows.

Kinda like this whoole subforum