Rust on console ?

Is there any talk about Rust coming to ps3 or xbox when the full game is out ?

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… No…

This game is yet to be fully released on computers, lets hope they focus on that first and see how successful it becomes :slight_smile:

I don’t think a unity could run on console. that’ll be crappy.

why would they put it on consoles what is the point of that i dont understand

Wont happen… sorry

I think on next gen consoles it would be a great idea. The man behind unity has praised the Ps4 and more platforms means more success and more money. It makes perfect sense and there would be no negative to it. Although, I dont see it coming to ps3 or Xbox 360

Its no where near even done on pc why the hell is there even console talk…

and fuck console.

You need help

Why would it be on console

People prefer console sometimes and it means more profit. Why wouldn’t it be?

my boy gazza isn’t making the game for you

he’s making it for himself and happening to let you play it

What the fuck are you even saying? Lmao

rust isn’t a game made because garry wants you to play it and give him money

garry wants to make it because he thinks its fun. you playing is a side benefit, therefore he won’t bother with consoles. garry has always distributed through steam

My bad i read that wrong i take my previous comment back

I like how you didn’t read his post at all

I read it wrong. Honest mistake, my bad.