Rust on consoles?

What do you guys think about Rust on next-gen consoles? I’m planning on getting the ps4 and it would be cool to sit back and play rust on my couch with friends. I’m sure they could get the finished product on there if they wanted to but i know many of you could care less.

In his blog he explained he will never make GMod for consoles, since he hates playing FPS games on Consoles, so tbh I`m pretty sure it wont be.

I can only hope, the more platforms the more profit. But who knows! I cant be the only one who wants it one day

Well since unity is on current and next gen consoles it is possible.

But yeah

Hopefully his feelings will change. A lot of people are interested in rust, but aren’t mainly pc players.

Sucks to be them. Porting to consoles is hard, and I doubt it would be worth it in the end.

But with next-gen it should be a lot easier to do. They are pretty much computers now. I wish one of the developers could let us know if it is even a possibility.

Consoles? LOL! iOS or Android would be cool…

Now i doubt that would happen ever. It would be cool, but i feel like consoles are more likely.

A survival game with so many controls on a fucking phone or tablet?


Not only is it way too early to think about porting the game to entirely different systems, but this kind of game doesn’t lend itself well to your average console inputs