Rust on laptops

Hi guys,

So I’m in the market to buy a laptop to game with when I’m not at the desktop. I’ve been looking at some decent mid-range gaming laptops like the Lenovo y510p and a few MSI ones. Anyone using a laptop to play Rust that can make some recommendations?


I use y510p and i run it on fantastic,really good laptop.Only bad thing if you play rust on ultra over 2 hrs the rams gets full.but really good laptop

Which y510p do you have? there seems to be several configurations, I’ve came across a 1080p model, a 720p model and one with single and dual cards.

I have an Alienware M17x r4 with i73630QM / 32gb DDR3 1866 / 2 x 250gb ssd raid 0 / gtx 680m / 1920 x 1080. I paid less then $1600 before ram and ssd upgrades and play just about anything on ultra.

I don’t really like Alienware, the ones I’ve came across have been really bulky. But aside from that thanks for posting because it’s interesting to see what card you have and it’s performance, thanks!

Personally I’m a fan of Lenovos. We use them almost exclusively at work and have always been more stable than the HPs we used to get.
Granted, we’re using lightweight business computers, nothing nearly as powerful as a gaming rig.

I used to be an Alienware fan until they got bought out by Dell… I hate Dell.

I have a MSI gt70-0nd-444US paid 1200 for it off of amazon refurbished and it can run Rust on max settings flawlessly

why? nice company, good stuff.

I’m using an Asus Gaming Laptop and Rust runs fine on it.