Rust on Linux - Screen recenter issue

Hey guys…I’ve got Rust running great on Ubuntu 13.10, but just one minor issue that is annoying. I searched the forums and couldn’t find anyone who had brought the topic up previsouly. I’ve fixed the issue with the mouse not locking to the game, but I still have problems with the screen recenering after closing inventory (using tab). I’ll be looking at a chest for instance, open inventory, press tab to close and the screen repositions to a different view instead of remaining where it was. It happen anytime tab is pressed.
I’ve tried to use the cursor.recenter and cursor.uncenter (with various combinations) but it doesn’t seem to help.

Anyone else have this issue and find a way to resolve, or is this an open bug for linux?

same issue for me…
doesnt really bother me…

what bothers me is when the mouse skips… for example when player made buildings are loaded or unloaded…framerate takes a small dive and at that point mouse does weird things… sometimes turns you completely around and you start running other way.
thats specialy nasty when you are shooting somebody.

Sadly, i couldnt find a solution for mouse skips when pre-loading. I’ve lost count of being killed when this happens mid fight, night walks are a nightmare too.
In the end I went trough all the pain of creating new partition with win7 and have just steam and rust installed, dual boot. It’s a kind of cop out but fingers crossed, it’ll get fixed in the future and ill be back playing on linux.

thats not a solution for me.
actualy i tried the game in wine and the mouse was fine there… but framerate in wine wasnt that good.

that same issue happens with some other unity games while some like guns of icarus and sir, you are being hunted doesnt have this problem. so it should be fixable and hope to see that soon…

i am somewhat used to that bug already…i prepare myself when player made buildings going to be loaded or unloaded…so i know when my mouse is gonna skip :slight_smile:

press F1 and type cursor.lock true

or go into your rust folder in steam
and put it there to make it permanent

thats not that issue :slight_smile:

this one is needed to capture the cursor.

Same problem here and it is pritty annoying.