Rust on Mac

Hey all, i am fairly new to this game, this genre even. :confused:

But i was just wondering if Rust will play on mac, or if it is just a windows thing at this point in time???

I did a lil bit of looking around, and just can’t find anything,
Cheers for the help in advance.

Rust uses unity in your browser.

Click the button at the bottom that says “Developing on Mac OS X?”, then download it.

Cheers man.
also, on a side note, this is probably the entirely wrong area to put this in, but here it goes

What actually is Facepunch made for, is it a modding community??? who made it, why’d they make it etc etc, cos, lots of people seem to have >1000 posts… can someone help?

Facepunch used to be a forum to discuss products made by Garry, like Gmod, but it’s more of a general forum now with a broader range of topics.
(Garry’s stuff is still the core though, obviously)

ah ok, cheers man!
Also, how do you have nearly 9000 posts, thats like crazy amounts.

by posting nearly 9000 times

wait so can we play on Mac? kinda confused

Yes you can. Just download when you get that option

Hi, I Have a problem in game, I’m on mac and I can’t get out my weapon, use the rapid inventory…
Can you help me please ???

I went to the website and I thought do I already have Unity so I searched Unity in spotlight and I saw Unity.Plugin Come up as top hit. Is that what I need for Rust?

Its not working at least for me at the moment