Rust on PlayStation 4.

Hi everyone! The game Rust will be on the Playstation 4?


it’s a pity

WHY ? u cant play it on your pc ?

That would be cool but I haven’t heard any such thing.

Why would it be on PS4?

Meh it’s fine on the pc and it’s not exactly that much of a drain on the pc, once the bugs are kinked out and the fps is more stable it will work fine on any decent pc

I just personally think this game isn’t a console game

It is unlikely, but Garry could enroll in the Playstation Incubator program to get a free devkit for independent developers, he’d still need to pay for a license for Unity for PS4, a development team whom I have worked with got one of these kits and the process is surprisingly straightforward.

I don’t see the point of having Rust on a console though, specially so early in development