Rust on Xbone and PS4?

This seems promising. I just hope people on PC will be able to play with people on consoles.

That would probably be pretty unbalanced, PC users with a mouse and keyboard would completely destroy on players with controllers 90% of the time.

I’m fine with console versions, it will be multi platform not cross platform which again I’m fine with. What I hope doesn’t happen is this turns into a horrid PC console port as X-Rebirth did from the guys at Egosoft. They designed it around a controller so hard core that people on PC had a hard time playing it…what a mess.

“Play game with controller”

I doubt this means the game is being ported, I am pretty sure he means gamepad support, so you can use your controllers on your PC. Then again, it is listed under “Console stuff,” so we’ll see.

I would love to play this on a console.

They have dev kits in their office for both platforms, however it’s safe to bet they’re not going to be releasing it on alternate platforms until the game is out of early access.